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As I was showering this morning, I had one of those V8 moments and realized I should have dealt with it immediately last night instead of giving the epoxy another day to harden.  :unsure:  But I didn't take the pics until right before I was going to bed.

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As one of these photos shows, the barrel actually just snapped off nice and clean. I'm guessing that since it sagged the resin didn't form a bond around the top half of the spot where they touch. It's all cleaned up and ready to get reattached tonight.


Then I got the while posts all glued on. Tonight the wheels go on, then finally the treads, which are supposed to be the most difficult part of the whole thing. In order for the tracks to fit properly, all of the wheels have to be in a straight line. I took that second picture so I could see how things line up so far.



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I got the road wheels on last night. And I started to lay some of the tread, then realized that I wasn't placing them correctly so I tore them all off except for that one big piece in the picture. There should have been 3 single-tread pieces between that section and the front of the tank, but I only had 2 b/c I wasn't overlapping the treads, I was just laying them end to end.


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