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77381: DDS2 dragon

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What colors did you use for the wing's...flappy bits?  Asking because he's currently staring at me on my work bench.  I just glued him up so I need to gap fill and then lay down some base paints, and I really like the orange/blue contrast you've come up with, and it looks simple enough to be achievable at my skill level.


As an aside, I dig the Wrought Iron on the rocks.  I saw another post (also yours?) which called it out as amazing for stone, and photo evidence to prove it.  So I ran to a Walmart and lo, it's just as amazing in person.


Looks like at least a quick drybrush on the scales too :P

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for this guy i'm actually using a variety of Apple Barrel and Folk Art acrylic paints from Hobby lobby, rather than Reaper paints


The colors used on the wings are:

Apple Barrel Chestnut and Abble Barrel Golden Sunset


and yes, it was probalby my post if it's about Wrought Iron, i use it as a base for a lot of rocks and terrain =)

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