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Laser Shark Designs - The Hobby Transporter

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From the kickstarter page
About this project
d07a2a253584fefd8a3812870055de96_originaThe Hobby Transporter

Only a short time ago, I invested in a laser cutter to start working on designs for gaming items like tokens and terrain for various tabletop miniatures games.  While starting up this enterprise, I put out feelers and questions to local groups about what they'd like to see made that isn't already out there in the Australian market.

As part of this research, I approached several local professional miniature painters. The need for a case in the Australian market to allow hobbyists to transport their lovingly painted miniatures and tools to events, which would also be suitable for travel on planes as carry on luggage, came up.  So with their input, the result is the "Hobby Transporter".



992f30321f871a77b30975a6b83e7ec7_originaOpen case with tray and shelves


b975897ef3375771e1de13c6e3ff7dd2_originaView of The Hobby Transporter while closed

The case is designed to allow for at least two shelves to be placed inside the case. There are guides varying levels to help account for the varying height of the wide range of miniatures available on the market. You can of course use a single shelf in the lower guides for particularly large models.

264fb1534724de276433f1325b31e150_originaStorage tray

The case also includes a tray which sits on top of the shelving guides for you to store you hobby gear (paints, brushes, dice etc).

The case itself measures approximately 35 cm wide, 23 cm deep and 21.5 cm tall (excluding the handle and latches, so a little bit longer in each dimension).  The case interior is approximately 19 cm tall, with around 13.5 cm usable height from the lowest shelf guide to the bottom of the tray if you use it.  It is roughly 33 cm wide and 21cm deep on the interior.

These measurements were used to take into account carry on allowances for plane travel.  This is because Australia is a big place and hobbyists here travel on plane frequently, but it also caters to international travel and the vast majority of domestic airlines across the globe.  As such, I've asked the manufacturer to ensure the combination locks on the case are TSA approved for travel within the United States.





Cases are AU$100 each (approx US$76 )


Shipping is a flat AU$30 to Australia, New Zealand, US, EU and Canada

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Would probably be too expensive to ship it across the world to Norway, so I'm out.

Incidentally, he needs to design a 'partial' shelf with a large cut-out to fit around a large mini on the bottom shelf.


As Ron said its very similar to the Tablewar case design you might look into those cases. I have a Tablewar case I have been using for about two years now and I love it. I have the small one designed to fit underneath an airline seat.

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Don't need one...


For airline travel, I'll fill paint in 2ml test tubes and keep with my toiletries, pack the brushes in a plastic tube, and the minis I'm painting in an Oathsworn box.


For travel elsewhere I have a car that hold 3 cubic metre of luggage...

My paint storage is portable, tools go in a toolbox, most minis are in tackle boxes.

I'm all set.


So, while I would like to have a nice transport case, I don't need one, and currently won't spend the money on one when there are so many beautiful minis out there that I've yet to buy.


For people taking them to cons, to gaming event and so on, yeah, I can see the use, there.

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Looks like it's $30 AUD to ship anywhere in the world per case, current exchange rates:

$1 USD to $1.32 AUD

£1 GPB to $1.74 AUD

€1 Euro to $1.46 AUD

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So essentially the Table War case but it has a hobby tray insert also available?



Not even that as the Tableware comes with a drawer as well.



So then more expensive for the same size product it looks like.  It does look good, but not seeing any improvement at all.

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So essentially the Table War case but it has a hobby tray insert also available?



Not even that as the Tableware comes with a drawer as well.



So then more expensive for the same size product it looks like.  It does look good, but not seeing any improvement at all.


Tablewar "mini" case is $85 USD + shipping, this one is $90 AUD (EB) or $100 AUD (normal) + $30 AUD Shipping = $120AUD ($91.05 USD) or $130 AUD ($98.63 USD)


So for US it's still comparable in price if not a bit less when shipping is added in for the Tablewar case. ALSO tablewar cases don't come with all the inserts as I found out at the LVO when I purchased mine. I wanted the metal inserts and they were $9 each to go on the display boards. 


ETA: I have no horse in the race as I already have my tablewar case, which is great, but just pointing out the total costs of each to give an equal comparison. ::D:

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