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Maledrakh's Oldhammer: Pink and Blue Horrors of Tzeentch

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I have been going through some of my boxes of older minis to find some I can sell to fund my massive overspending on minis and kickstarters. And I came across these excellent old blighters. Not selling those. Oh no. Gave them a lick o'paint instead.




With these I continued experimenting with my old inks over a zenithal primer, light grey over black. Each was given a wash in a different old blueish ink (the pink one was red ink), and when dry I messed a bit around with different colours/effects on each of them, knocking back the shininess by finishing with a drybrush with very light blue-white (pink white).  Nothing too amibtious. They ended up quite similar.

Anyhow, I think they turned out well.


Pink and Blue Horrors of Tzeentch

Warhammer /  Realm of Chaos (sometime in the 1980s)


25mm bases

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