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Infinity Nomad Alguaciles A


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I haven't posted anything to show off in a while, so rather than waiting for a group shot I'm going with an individual.  It doesn't help that I'm being super slow on the painting either.  Anyway, for those of you not following the infinity threads, I picked up up Operation: Icestorm a couple of months ago.  I'm painting the Nomad Alguaciles up first as they are used in the first tutorial scenario.   I didn't want to copy the studio scheme exactly, but still wanted to keep the main colors the same.  That means red for the nomads, though what I ended up with is a few shades darker than studio.


I didn't get out a lightbox, for this set of pictures, but I think they still came out pretty accurate.  One advantage this guy gets by being first is that any mistakes that show up here can be fixed while I'm painting #2.




And a slightly out of focus shot of the base, which I suppose also doubles as a tabletop viewpoint illustration.




Maybe I'll get another one of these finished off by the end of the month. 



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