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Really Old School -- Minifig Historical Dark Ages Units

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I started working primarily on vintage miniatures last year, and ended up with a bad eBay habit. ::P: Add that to a couple of good flea market finds, and I am now well provided with old lead.


The first fantasy figures I owned were Minifigs (Miniature Figurines, Ltd.) ME (Mythical Earth) range. 40 years later, these are none too common, so my efforts to assemble a few units to supplement the survivors of my original collection (a half dozen ents, three wargs, a pair of Black Riders, and a giant) have been slow. Back in the day, of course, our fantasy armies had considerable overlap with our historical armies, so I have little hesitation in painting these guys up and adding them to the force pool.


These guys below are a cache of 13 DA28s, Carolingian medium infantry. I ended up with three swords and eight shields among the 13 figures, so one swordsman will get the "personality" treatment, and the rest of the figures will be divided into 2 6 figure stands. You can see from the Sir Forscale that these guys are on the small side by modern standards.




The other group are some Byzantine archers, from the Minifig Imperial Roman range. I ended up with an even 12 from a flea market find last May, so they will all end up as two stands. If I had to have one as a personality, the current Minifig producers still list these molds (as well as the DA series).




As an aside, I recently came across some packages of Minifigs licensed World of Greyhawk figures (ca. 1977?). I was interested to note that a lot of them are recycled from other ranges, including the DAs, just to show how widespread the practice of historical overlap was.

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Those pieces look sweet.  I love seeing old school minis being painted.   One of these days I'll complete my collection of miniatures from Minifigs' World of Greyhawk line, and then start the long process of getting them painted . . .


The Egg

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So, the relatively humidity in my dehumidified basement has been above 65% for weeks. I'm getting quite a waiting list of projects that I don't dare spray with their final varnish coat lest I fog them.


In the meantime, the Carolingians got pushed aside while I painted a handful of miniatures my brother wants in a game at Gencon next week, but I think I'll be back to them this weekend, after I pack for the con.post-12821-0-20934300-1469700103_thumb.jpg

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It's a little off-topic, but this was what I did over the weekend instead of working on the Minifigs. These guys are Ral Partha historical Vikings; we need some "evil men" for random character-level encounters in our Ringbearer LotR game.

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