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Well done Jay..   the remainder of his base blends in perfectly with the bark, and if I had not followed your WIP. I would not think it was there.


Thanks robinh;

Hiding the remnant base was a bit tricky, but lots of fun.  Making color choices to blend it in, with lots of the

base colors being mixed together to make it unified.  This was fun, and I am glad I made the WIP for folks to follow along.

Thanks for your support and comments.

Well done, Jay! That figure is absolutely striking.

So Glad you like him Klarg1;

This is one of those.. STRETCH out mini's, its going to make you grow !

Thanks for commenting.


Very cool. Nice use of color. 

Thanks Inarah. 

Since I mix my own colors, its great to see them come together right. 

Those oranges are a bear to do, and that blue was driving me to blending layer madness.

But it came together in the end !

Thanks again.

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Sweet work!  I really like that base, and it really contrasts well with the cool blue of his cloak!  Great work!!!   ::):

Thank you Kuro for the very kind and supportive comment.

I watch your stuff in awe most of the time, so your comment made me smile.

I attribute the color contrasts to the time I FINALLY have spent relearning how to use my color wheel.

That whole figure is based on greens, and blues, and mixing in their complimentary colors.

I don't think I have ever used the wheel so much; but it WON'T be the last time that is for sure.

Thanks again

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Fantastic work, Jay!


I love to see you challenge yourself and take chance and do new things with the basing. I enjoy the story this one tells.

Thanks so much Ub3r_n3rd !

Its great to have a fantastic cheering section when you set out into the unknown.

Your support helps me venture out there, and accept a crazy challenge to paint a base with lava flowing down it !

ROFL.  It has been terrific to do.  I really love looking at this one,


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Happy to help cheer you on and see how far you've come!


You should do a new thread and show us your whole painted collection as you've done what, like 125-140 figures so far?

I think I have done 130 + or - in the last three years.

I miss that "continuous thread we used to have"... don't know if it even exists anymore.

I'll think about that Ub3r; I have a library of what I have done, but some of those photos are pathetic !!!


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I was just thinking of a thread with just a few pics of the entire collection and then like your first figure and your most recent to show how far you've come since you started.


Think that is something I can do.

I'll try to work that out !

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