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Pre-show Chatter thread for OneBoot and Buglips painting Khanjira in 7 days!


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LLLaaaadddieesss, CCcreeaattttuureeesss anndd GGeenttllemeeenn...


The Goblin Accepted!!!


In the Left Corner


She of the Singular Footwear, The Purple Glitter Kitty!!!!!!





In the Right ( or is that the wrong?) Corner


He who loves collecting stanky socks, eats bugs for breakfast!!!!





IIIINNNNN the Middle...


Ready to eat any brush pointed at them!!!!




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Let me tell you somethin, Wolf... this kitty has got guts, real guts.  And I respect guts.  But I gotta tell ya, Mean Gene... er... Wolf, there's a lot of pain between talk and do.  And at KHANJIRAMANIA, we're gonna see just how hard this purple kitty kat can fight!

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Folks, the Ferengi goblin is experienced, sneaky, and treacherous, but I think he (?) will be put off by the blue-ness* of the cat. And what with her sneaky cuteness, I think at the crucial moment he will be frozen with ... something or other.


Plus, of course, she has Rightâ„¢ on her side. It says so on her singlet.


* Purple is just reddish blue, after all.

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I would like to point out that today*, after 25 years, I finally got an airbrush.  And the first thing I wake up to is a gauntlet bouncing off my nose that expressly forbids the use of it.




*Literally.  I mean literally literally.  I just opened the thread and read the OP and suddenly it was *ding* *dong* here's your airbrush from Amazon.

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