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Glacia the Winter Witch (Bombshell Miniatures) - An ub3r Showoff


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If you get a chance I think more balanced lighting would make the pictures more true to life and present the mini better. I have followed the WIP and the pics there showed a real nice paint job.

Already sent out today. So I'll have to ask Thrym to take better pics. I really didn't notice how awful these pics were until today ::(:

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*rubs hands together and watches the USPS tracking slowly get closer*


Sure thing, will take better pics when she arrives.


Right after she puts the fear of Ravana into her crew!


Especially those uppity boarding crew members of hers.  They've been getting a little overconfident of late.


  • Gryker, Grippli Sorcerer, who serves the Deep One, Nagakabouros (THE Kraken); whose sole purpose is to deliver as many souls to him as Gryker can
  • Kranak, Ogre Monk, who serves a lot of sushi from the galley and cracks a lot of necks in combat
  • Shadow's Mourning, Hadozee Warlock/Rogue, who lost his people and wants to find them again and will blast anyone who tries to stop him
  • Baldemar, Pellyte Barbarian, a half-troll who was raised with the Ghost Tiger Orc tribe and wants to learn more about his own people
  • Witgern, Lizardfolk Druid, who loves the sea and doesn't understand why his smile scares the humans
  • Nameless, Grimlock Warblade, who may be blind but walks the path of glory with confidence and purpose
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Good work on her!



Very Nice!  Is that a Basius stamp for the base?

Thanks! Nope, it's actually from Happy Seppuku's base stamps.

I was wondering that, too. How easy/hard was it to use?

Very easy. I used regular sculpey, wet down the stamp, pressed it and then baked it in the oven. Took all of about 5-10 minutes to get it the way I wanted before baking.

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