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Hello, With the updates to the rules I figured I should get more painting done for Warmachine. I have found I paint faster with feedback, and as the previous forum I was using slowed considerably, I was invited here by a regular.


The first group on the block is most of the rest of my mercs. There's a few more that will likely need their own threads later.


It's a range of new and old, so from Left to right:


Herne and Jonne - PIP Code: 41005 The two black based minis, I got them at a miniature market swap meet type event with MK1 cards, so they're probably the oldest minis in this. Bases are Secret weapon resin Town Square Bases.


Gorman di Wulfe - PIP Code: 41014 He'll be the second time I've painted this model.


Ghordson Basher - PIP Code: 41082 Back row, and falling down, because I tend to paint in parts.


Devil's Shadow Mutineers - PIP Code: 41104 These three are on modified secret weapon blasted wetlands bases, three pirates in the front row.


Classic Mule PIP Code: 41019 - Metal mule, because I enjoy the design a bit more than the conglomerated kit plastic kit, standing on a secret weapon Town Square Base.


Rutger Shaw PIP Code: 41075 - Should have been painted a long time ago, as evidenced by the partial base coat.


Ashlynn D'elyse PIP Code: 41090 - Awesome mini, huge banner that I don't know what to do with yet.


Gastone Crosse Kickstarter Edition (no pip code) - one of the daggers is cracked so I'll need to repair it somehow in this wip.

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Welcome and you are off to a good start..

now you need some progress to show and feel free to ask for feedback..

especially if you want help on a particular technique as there are lots of other nuts fellow painters on these forums who have a wealth of skills and are willing to share to anyone willing to listen.

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Well as they're mercenaries there is a lot of variation planned, but I do have some core, must have colors for each group. Human mercs in my planning all have to feature purple, somewhere, and three of the human based mercs, Ashlynn, Rutger, and Gorman are part of a color scheme featuring purple and pink, though Rutger features the least of both by far, since I'm trying to balance the colors with his original artwork which is very dark. Gastonne may also be included in the purple/pink squad as well but that's not a decision I've made yet, so he may just be purple and earth tones. The Pirates will feature purple and appropriately piratey colorful outfits (I may need to watch through a Pirates of the Caribbean movie or two for kicks when I start them) and the Mule will be mostly purple and metallics. That leaves the three dwarven models, who have their own scheme of blue and red, so probably a lot of red armor on these guys since I tend to use that to feature models with... explosive potential from that group, and all three are in that category.


When I came up with the color schemes there were basically three micro factions in mercenaries and a number of themed groups within each micro faction, so dwarves got a color scheme, Pirates and other non dwarves got a color scheme and the Joan of Arc freedom fighter themed group got the pink/purple variation.


Edit: Here's Rutger Shaw, all base coated. Currently extremely dark, but it'll lighten as a work on him.




Edit 2: Forgot Paints


Coat and Boots - Vallejo GC Black

Skin - P3 Khardic Flesh

Shirt - Army Painter Alien Purple and GC black

Pants, Lower Shin Guard - GC Black and Vallejo GC Charred Brown

Chaps - Vallejo GC Dark Fleshtone and GC Black

Belts, Gloves, Hair, Sections of Sword, Dirt- GC Charred Brown

Silver Metallics - GC Black, Vallejo Model Color Natural Steel

Scarf, Base Rim Front- Reaper Master Series Antique Rose

Base Rim Back - Vallejo GC Cold Grey

Bricks - Vallejo MC Flat Earth

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Alright, here's skin, shirt, pants, and both sets of chaps painted up, as well as some of the armor.


And a turn to see the face.



Face is a blend of P3 Kardic flesh and Army Painter Soft Tone with progressive amounts of P3 Ryn Flesh added to highlight and P3 Flesh wash to spot shade. Eye dots are a micron type felt tip marker that the brand info has worn off of, cleaned up with Khardic flesh.


Shirt is VGC Black with progressively added Army Painter Alien Purple.


Pants, though the photo is doing not great at showing the dark colors, are VGC Black with progressively added VGC Charred Brown.


Upper Chaps are VGC Black with progressively added VGC Dark Flesh, washed with Army Painter Dark Tone.


Lower Chaps are VGC Black, AP Dark Tone and VGC Charred Brown with progressive Charred Brown and P3 Hammerfall Khaki.


Armor is VMC Natural Steel, then Natural Steel mixed with Vallejo Model Air Silver, and finally that blend with a little AP soft tone to tint the metal.

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Alright, home stretch here.



Pink, and leather straps done, hair and goggles done, except goggle lenses. Coat done, which leads us to this:




The back arc of the base is going to be marbleish, so the streaking and first layer of glaze is done.


Coat is VGC Black to P3 Battlefield Brown with some added shades of Army Painter Strong Tone.


Hair is VGC Charred Brown, with VMC Flat Earth and P3 Hammerfall Khaki


Pink is Reaper MS Antique Rose, blended with VMC Old Rose.


Straps are VGC Charred Brown with Flat Earth over the top and a wash of Army Painter Soft Tone.

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Here we go, Rutger is, aside from a good dullcote-ing, done.

Face forward, and back on the front.




And back side, which is... Irritatingly glossy in the photo. The coat has some highlights under the glare, which I may have to look into making a clip on diffuser so I get less of that if it's going to be a persistent problem.




Sword blade is the usual VGC Black to VMC Natural Steel, with VMA Silver added to highlight, then strategically washed with P3 armor wash.


Armor is same as before, just on a larger scale for the arms.


Goggle lenses are Black, with VMC Dark Seagreen for highlights and a touch of P3 Morrow White for a lens flare washed with Army Painter Blue tone.


The gloves are a mix of nearly every brown I own and Soft and Strong tone. It's one of those cases where I was looking for a color and just mixing all kinds of things together to make them stand out slightly from all the other leather around them.


The base is the same steel and silver combo for metals, Reaper MS antique rose on the front, then VGC cold grey on the back, streaked with VGC black, P3 Morrow white, and VMC Old Rose. This was then glazed strategically with Cold grey, then Morrow white with huge amounts of matte medium and water in it to make it look marbelized.


Next, something less heroic looking and more colorful.



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Alright, I've got a progress report for Mar.




Skin is P3 Khardic Flesh, with Army painter alien purple, then highlights from that mix by adding P3 Ryn Flesh and P3 Morrow White


Pants and Boots are Black to P3 Battlefield Brown, with the boots getting additional highlights with mixed in P3 Hammerfall Khaki.

The pink accents Reaper Master series Antique Rose to VMC Old Rose, and the blue VMA Medeterranian blue washed with Secret weapon Blue black.

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Everything looks great, except of course for your faction choice.  :P 

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Thank you everyone!




Front, her bustier is now done, VMA UK Medeterranian blue washed in Secret Weapon Blue Black, and highlighted with the blue mixed with P3 Morrow White. Laces are P3 Hammerfall khaki to white. Boots were accented with VMC Natural steel highlighted with VMA silver, and VGC glorious Gold with washes of soft and strong tone from army painter.


The base sand area is VMC Flat earth washed in strong tone and soft tone with accents of P3 Hammerfall Khaki. The front arc is vgc black, and I haven't finished the marks for the sides and center yet.




Side, since nothing interesting happened on the back.

Cloths, the ruffled one is Hammerfall Khaki to white, and the stripes are vgc dark Fleshtone mixed with vgc bloody red. The sword cleaning cloth is Medeterranian blue to white with spatters of vgc dark Fleshtone and army painter soft tone for that used look.


I did have one major question, though.

Does the red on the dress look bright enough? I kind of like it darker but I wonder if it would read better a few steps brighter.


And Gargs, perhaps if the Llaelese resistance theme force stays the same as was announced during testing, I might pick up something a bit more... Exemplar-ey of your taste in factions. :p

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And I've wrapped up paint on Mar, though she will need water effects for her base later.





I'll come back to the other two in the unit later, but for now I think it's time for a bigger, smashier project.




This is likely to become Rusty II, or more formally known as The Mule.

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      I had it sitting on my bench for more than a year. Brought it on sale and it was nice working with such a heavy model, thought it did fall apart a couple times (Since I am not using it for gaming, I did not pin it).  The fourth picture seems to have the closest red to how it looks in real life.
      The Robot 

      Together with Friends

      Feedback and Critiques are welcome and appreciated. 
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