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Armored Core RTS

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Armored Coreâ„¢ RTS is a real time strategy board game where all players pilot mechs, fire weapons, activate equipment and direct support troops simultaneously. This new system captures the speed of the video games in a smooth, accurate and action-packed flow that's compressed into a series of 20 minute missions.

This officially licensed version of Armored Coreâ„¢ has been designed to be fast to setup, fast to teach and fast to play. Featuring unique components like LED pointers built into each miniature's base to provide instantaneous line of sight as well as physical buildings to provide cover and a rooftop level.

Between the 20 minute missions, players spend their hard-earned rewards on upgrading their mechs and equipment. Construct your mech according to your play-style and team role. Over the course of the campaign teams will strive to accomplish objectives for their faction in order to become the ultimate Ravens.





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The mechanics sounds cool and unique, but they really, really, really need a game play video to show if it works or not. Mainly the mechanic that there are no turns! Each mech has a laser pointer built into its base for determining LOS. Everyone moves their minis at the same time, and if you have LOS to another mech you can shoot it, no dice rolling required. Apparently you spend your energy/ammo and they take some damage. But as the game progresses, you have less energy to work with and have to make more difficult decisions about what to do.


It is built for fast play. They say a game only takes 20 minutes - that could be an estimate, or considering that it's supposed to be real-time that could be an actual timed deadline. Then you take a few minutes to spend the resources you won to upgrade your mech and start the next game.

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The miniatures look cool, but real time action in a board game has ne wary, it sounds like complete chaos.


Agreed, which is why I'm saying they need some game play videos.

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Ouch, there are now three simultaneous projects for Big Stompy Robots.  This is going to hurt.


I didn't know I wanted hex-shaped buildings until now.  I do like those, although I'd prefer them to have an entrance and not just windows on the bottom floor.

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On topic to Armored Core, in the comments section it's been stated the minis will be 45-50mm tall.

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This is now Mech Command RTS.



Greetings backers. This is Aaron Gabrielson, President and owner of Bad Crow Games. I am announcing two big changes to the Kickstarter project tonight.    

First, we have decided to change the name of the game to “Mech Command RTSâ€. Here is why:   


The license holders for the game franchise have final approval authority over everything that is produced. We have reason to be concerned that our planned stretch rewards and other game content will be delayed as it goes through a complex approval process. We also underestimated the degree of miscommunication caused by the language barrier as we work with the license holders in Japan.    


This name change removes any uncertainty and allows us to deliver the entire game on schedule. Now is a good time to reiterate our anytime refund policy: We will be providing refunds for any reason, anytime, even after you receive your rewards.


It's certainly something to think about; one of the biggest complaints during the Dark Souls kickstarter was that the license holder (the same one that owns Armored Core, coincidentally enough) was not approving things quick enough to show backers.


There are some interesting models coming out of this though:



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