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Sir Forscale Painting Competition

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So far as I know, I only have a metal one.


(Which I have used in the Archæology thread.. ..to show scale. I had no idea the base made that much difference.)


I have to wonder if Sir Tinforscale was dropped into a flipped over Reaper One Inch Round base if he wouldn't be exactly the same height as his Bonesium descendant Sir Forscale.


:huh: Who knew the base thickness would make so much difference?


:huh: My phone seems to acknowledge and consider Bonesium a legit word, so much so as to offer it up as a corrected spelling when I mistype it.


Learning stuff right and left today.

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I'm out.

Not giving away the SirForscale I have painted, and with the uncertain shipping times these days...

(I've had packages stuck in customs processing for a month. )


Unless someone knows of a Norwegian reseller...

(The only one I know of only sell paint kits. )

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Very interesting.


I *do* own a Bones Sir Forscale, and he was on my SOONTM list. This is enough to push him up to the top of the list.


Am I willing to part with a precious member of my collection?


[Looks up price. Worth $1.95CDN...]


I'm ordering a spare!

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I will totally paint up another one, in more different colors. It's been super fun seeing my purple and teal one pop up in the Kickstarter updates; it makes me all kinds of squeeful! ^_^



--OneBoot :D

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