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Afterglow Miniatures Game: Forsaken (IGG)


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The Afterglow Miniatures Miniatures Game is a tabletop strategy game designed for two or more players, set in a grim world devastated by an apocalypse.

Players lead bands of survivors who clash against each other in a struggle for survival among the ruins of towns, burned-out wastelands and underground bunkers.

The game, based on the intuitive mechanics, is fast and dynamic. Depending on the format it takes from 40 to 90 minutes to play, while the number of miniatures in warbands varies from 4 to 20 models, depending on the chosen faction.


Afterglow is different from many other wargames. First of all, it is a game of survival. Victory is not always on the side of those who deal the biggest damage to the opponent.

Scenarios and Mission Cards provide an opportunity to win the game without firing a single shot, relying on the player's intelligence, strategic planning skills, anticipation of opponent's moves and clever use of unit skills and abilities. 

We have also created a system of playing campaigns - connected scenarios, during which members of your warbands can gain experience, develop skills, plunder and find new equipment, but also sustain permanent injuries, fall victim to diseases and mutations or eventually die.


The game is becoming increasingly popular in Poland. For over a year we have been organizing meetings and tournaments, where you can meet many amazing people and test yourself as leader of a post-apocalyptic gang. Now we would like to present Afterglow to players and miniatures enthusiasts in other countries.




At the moment five factions are available for Afterglow MG. Each of them delivers a different playing style and aesthetic feel.


Now we would like to offer you the sixth faction, long awaited by many Afterglow players and fans.

Forsaken are rejects of post-apocalyptic societies. Their ranks include outlaws, mutants, cannibals and those infected with the Black Mouth disease.


Forsaken are driven by rage. They attack with unusual ferocity and brutality, showing no mercy nor compassion. Their sole motivation is to fight, plunder and feast on their victims. This is a faction focused on an offensive playing style and close quarters fighting.



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