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ReaperCon 2016 Class Descriptions

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Got the two I wanted and one I think will be my to start practicing after ReaperCon


Thurs 10am - Noon: Blending Overview with Angela Imrie 
Fri 10am - Noon: Painting Crystals with Angela Imrie 
Fri 1:30pm - 3:30pm: Tabletop Painting - Sketch Style with Matt

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Missed out on two of my top picks but thems the breaks.


Thurs: Shaded Metallics _Proctor

Fri: Expressive Faces Schubert

Sat: How not to Suck-Sculpting Pieper

Sun: Dragon and Large Figure Prep Sue



If I wasn't afraid of the airline/TSA demolishing it, I'd bring the Heresy Dragon to work with on Sunday. He's the reason for that class.

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Thurs 1:30pm - 3:30pm: Painting Vehicles and Mecha with Greg Zuniga

Thurs 4pm - 6 pm: Bones Convert 'n' Take with Bryan Stiltz

Fri 4pm - 6pm: Exotic Non-Metallic Metals with Ian Markon
Sat 10am-Noon: The Monster Under the Bed with Rex Grange
Sun 12:30-2:30pm: Dragon & Large Figure Prep with Sue Wachowski
I only missed out on one class but went with a substitute instead.
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All but one of mine are now sold out, and that one is a Derek Schubert class with one seat left.




Fur, Feathers and Scales – Schubert

Painting Portraiture – Rich

Flesh and Faces – Hartwell

Painting Tips & Trick – Reimer


Top painters. Top painters.



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I got: Shaded Basecoats x1

Painting Flats x1

Painting Portraiture x1

Using MSP Clear Colors & Liners x1

Advanced Airbrush - Finishing Techniques x1


I wanted to grab advanced basing but it interferes with portraits. I also wanted Schubert expressive faces. :'(

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knarthex and dilvish! I'm taking Andy's class on Thursdaaaaaay :down:


Ludo! My husband and I will be in the sketch painting with you on Friday ::D:



Thurs 10am - Noon: How Not to Suck - Sculpting Edition with Andy Pieper

Fri 10am - Noon: Intro to Zbrush with Bobby Jackson and Gene VanHorne

Fri 1:30pm - 3:30pm: Tabletop Painting - Sketch Style with Matt DiPietro

Sat 4-6pm: Sculpting Faces with Derek Schubert



Thurs 1:30pm - 3:30pm: Quick 'n' Dirty Painting for Gaming with Shannon Stiltz

Fri 10am - Noon: Flesh and Faces with Erin Hartwell

Fri 1:30pm - 3:30pm: Tabletop Painting - Sketch Style with Matt DiPietro

Sat 10am-Noon: Dirty and Distressed with Greg Zuniga


He's taking 4 classes, I'm proud of him :wub:


There were soooo many I wanted haha! I'm really happy with my classes though ^_^

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Got all but 1 of mine.



Here's the stuff you ordered:


Shaded Metallics x1

Non-Metallic Metal x1

Flesh and Faces x1

Layer, Feather, and Glaze x1

Fur, Feathers, and Scales x1


James will show you shaded basecoat if you ask him too outside class and he has time

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I love how everyone's top picks vary so much– goes to show that there's a wide selection of classes and teacher expertise to meet our interests :) I finally got into Derek's Painting Expressive Faces class. I've waited almost three years to get into that class and this Reapercon, it's happening!! *does a happy dance*

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I know people said not to take too many classes, but I have confidence that I'll not only survive but actually enjoy this schedule... ::D:


Here's the stuff you ordered:
Bones Convert 'n' Take x1
Painting Faces x1
Tabletop Painting - Sketch Style x1
Dirty and Distressed x1
Create-Your-Own Spooky Tree x1
Advanced Basing x1
Painting Crystals x1

Convert-Your-Own Giant Skeleton! x1


Two per day! I missed out on hot chicks but got in on the giant skeleton class instead, so that's not a bad trade-off... ::D: And I got into RB's Bones class. :wub:  There was also a brief period where the Painting Crystals class was unavailable but then one popped back up somehow so I got in on that. Huzzah!

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Heres where I ended up:



Airbrush 101

Shaded basecoats

Advanced basing



Painting black white and red

Kick elf colors

Using MSP liners and clears






Fur feathers scales



Plenty of time for games and open painting!

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