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New Poster Maps: Ships & Strongholds!


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About this project

Back in 2010, I launched my very first Kickstarter project, and with your support and encouragement, began building up a library of sci-fi and fantasy maps for RPGs and miniatures games that has now grown to include 38 separate products. Planning, illustrating, and selling these maps has become the central focus of my cartography career, and in recent years we've been rounding out my product lines to create deluxe boxed sets that include even more map content in the bundle.

Now it's time for my Maps of Mastery product lines to level up and enter the next tier of play! But two of my poster map series are still missing their fourth installment. That's something I hope to remedy at last, with your help:



At $4000 - Deep Vistas IV

This double-sided poster expands the subterranean realms I first introduced in 2011. It features the lair of a deadly serpent cult and the writhing snake pits of their dark temple on the front. On the back you'll find a sentry outpost standing guard over a treacherous chasm crossing and the waterfalls that empty into its lightless depths! Both of these maps connect to one another, and to maps from Deep Vistas I and II! The starting goal of this Kickstarter campaign is to get this poster into print. It will also allow me to combine this series into a Deep Vistas Deluxe Set featuring three new panels of related map content to be revealed later.

6be706eb2435af567b043954f0d74505_originaFane of the Serpent Lord


38f461642dc1bfa9b6710ec95bf58c85_originaDark Reaches Stronghold


At $8000 - Deck Space IV: Dangerous Seas

This poster takes my Deck Space series of customizable terrain maps in a whole new direction, revealing the weather deck and berth deck of the Brig Niagara, an authentic sailing vessel from the War of 1812! It also provides you 27 additional map features with which to customize the open waves and build your own encounters: a small island, a spare boat, assorted shipwreck flotsam, sharks, and even the arms of a mighty kraken! The first stretch goal of this campaign will pay for Dangerous Seas to be produced. It will also allow me to put all four Deck Space maps together into a deluxe pack, featuring three new panels of related map content to be revealed later.

6cba07b0aab4182b6f579e7e190a0618_originaFighting Brig


5df9bd227e4384469470f70c0fb25310_originaOcean Waves


192b100c9c2f854b035218c6df469d83_originaDangerous Seas Terrain Sheets


At $12,000 - Glacier Base Tiles, Packs 1 & 2

At this level, two special terrain card packs will be printed and made available to backers as a reward option. The Glacier Base tiles rework my existing Cavern Tunnel Tiles into a frozen military installation of tunnels and chambers carved out of ice. The back of the double-sided tiles reveals a natural ice cave, without the sci-fi elements. I'll post more images when we get closer to unlocking this goal, but here's a look at the two packs of tiles put together:

1e9f2a24b4306e95031b3733563a056b_originaGlacier Base

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