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Fantasy RPG Maps: The Wilderness of the Lost Realms

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Explore the Wilderness of the Lost Realms through this high-quality set of digital maps, all ready to be included in your RPG campaign.



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About this project


The call of the Great Unknown has lured many an adventurer to far-away places, lands rich with treasures and obscure legends. The Wilderness of the Lost Realms provides you and your players with a detailed set of maps covering an expansive new world ripe for your exploration.

0710d1a3a4bdcd39a7842b1b78ca0069_originaSample of a Continental Map


da9975fb760e3d5f4e071ec26db7e81a_originaDetails at 100%



Each map is a digital download suitable for printing. They are available in color and in black and white.Both are available in Square Grid and Hex Grid formats. There will be versionslabeled with place-names and in blank versions so you can apply your own text.

All maps are tabloid size 17 x 11 inch and 300 dpi resolution. The files will be sent in jpg and tiff format directly to the backers after finishing.

The Postcard Maps are postcard size 6 x 4¼ and the 40€ pledge level will add more postcards to the pack.

The zines are a 6x9 inch pdf and also suited for print on a letter or A4 paper to be folded and stapled.

Every backer of 5€ and up will get an at-cost code for ordering the poster print version from DriveThruRPG.

d3a910210ded9d7a9377a1447e37ed4e_originaSample of the Postcard Maps


e55b87a77a152db8a8e135e4a1bb0e2a_originaThe Wilderness of Lornarad (letter size map)



More goals will be announced once the current goals are reached.. They will be availabe at Explorer's Guild Level and up.

Here is an overview of the project goals and the rough sketch of the maps:

f56b02e34e3e3ec124fe84d137410cbc_originaOverview of the Pledges & Stretch Goals

-   500€: Funded

-   750€: + 1 New Map The City of Dimlight by Pieter Talens

- 1500€: + 2 New Map, The Wyvern Coast - a ragged coast inhabited by vile creatures

- 2000€: + 1 New PDF: Lost Realms Zine vol.1 (24 Page Zine with location descriptions, adventure seeds and more) by Joe Banner

- 2500€: + 2 New Map, The Barrens- an arid desert with great mountain crags

- 3000€: + 1 New Map, The City of Candlelorn by Pieter Talens

- 3500€: + 1 New Map, The Grave of the Pallid Sun - a twisted wasteland where once a god has fallen

More goals will be announced, when the current ones are reached.

012c4cb3be003027112b0cb9c0ed813e_originaThe City of Candlelorn - Stretch goal by Pieter Talens



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      By pledging to this campaign, you are stating that you have read and understood all terms and conditions described therein and are accepting them. Therefore, all subsequent interactions with Greebo Games regarding this pledge will have to take this fact into consideration 
      In order: Comparative size between physical prodotypes - Digital Paint for Karimat Blitzer - Karimat's physical prototypes Those who pledge to the project will have a team made of several exclusive miniatures, and these will never be available in the store. This might sound peculiar, since most “KickStarter exclusive” pieces are not part of the teams per se, but rather, optional miniatures, or less important ones. What we’re talking about here, fellas, is giving each backer limited edition models. Later on, people will find different ones in the store, and they won’t simply be mirrored versions, or the same model with an added shoulder pad: they’re going to be different pieces, with different poses and clothed differently. Our goal is to create something that will be more precious, and largely exclusive for our backers, but something that will also retain its price – and that’s why you won’t find any miniatures with outrageous price tags on them, “cause hey, they’re limited edition!”. Nope:  the price will stay exactly the same. 
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