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at the county Sheriff's office...

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 Y'know, Ah never did unnerstand how Frank, Earl and Lester could be triplets, what with them havin' three different daddies an' all... :wacko:



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TERRIFIC! The Boys in Blue painted up BEAUTIFULLY...so to speak. The brushwork is OUTSTANDING & they evince the appropriate attitude for the local constabulary.

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    • By Unit04
      B:GCC - Versus Mode gives us three new heroic henchmen to pick from.  Unlike the core game, versus mode has two masterminds battling it out against each other.  There is still a mission to complete but the setup is much different.  Each team typically gets a main character, a side character and some minions.  
      DEVGRU.  Apparently they are a real thing that has been comicbook-ified.    They remind me a bit of a cyborg cop in the AD Police anime.  

      Heavy Assault GCPD SWAT. 

      Bomb Disposal Drones.  I thought I should give them a brighter color scheme since you probably don't want to be near them when they are doing their job.  And make them easier to recover if they fail.  

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      This is another clix project.  I picked up a bunch of plastic figures for cheap, cut them off the original clicky base, and made new ones.  The bases are by Reaper, turned over and filled with putty and then stamped.  Simple base coat and wash and those were done.  A few of the figures got paint touch ups to clean them up and bring them all together in a blue and black color scheme.  They've been sprayed and are ready for the table. 

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      I continued my Victorian figures from Wargames Foundry. This time it is the police sergeants and inspectors from VC013. I am using them in the Zeitgeist Pathfinder campaign. In a nod to that world, I decided to make 2 out of 5 figures non-white. I am curious to see what adding this diversity will do to my figure collection.



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      Spent the last few days messing around with my Necromunda gangs. First to finish upgrade is the Enforcers. Bit of paint, new bits, and fully magnetized. 
      Which means f.ex. they can go from Sniper: 

      To Riot Control:



      Marksman 2:

      Breach and entry:

      The cavalry. Judge, Jury and Executioner:

    • By Jaws
      Sculpting a little coat, and giving my Enforcer Judge some long awaited upgrades:

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