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Okay, I admit, sometimes the crap that floats across the interwebs is just that, crap; giant pile of dog poo.


But every-once-in-a-while a photo comes along that just makes you giggle and brightens your day.


So, I thought we needed a thread for sharing these with the community.  Because life needs these little moments.



Now, I know this is mostly me.  I am prolly a little punchy from having a so-so night of sleep, but this just brightened my entire day for some reason.


I present to you, Steve Buscemi Cat:




I've shared this to several people and have received mixed reactions, but for some reason this still is amusing me ... a lot.


Feel free to post whatever tickles you here. 


Share some smiles!



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Top Posters In This Topic

Right.  Just want to share a smile ... and not wade through the Random.

No need to wade, my friend, just post it up there as it's an appropriate location for this stuff is all I'm sayin'.


Some people hang out in there and chat and others just come to visit or lurk. It's all the same, mostly just a big chat room.

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