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Well, I have been a huge mechwarrior/mechcommander fan ever since the PC came out :rolleyes: and so I've already taken a liking to the CAV game. I downloaded the rules and looked over them, but I began wondering a few things about the game.


1) How popular is this game? Is it pretty tough to find a person to play with?


2) About how many models will I need for an average sized army? (And what's it gonna cost? :poke: )


3) Are the statistics for each unit balanced enough to where you can take whatever you want and your opponent won't cry about it?


4) Is it really as fun as it looks?


Weeeeeeeeeeee. Thanks, fellas.


--Your friendly Neighborhood Possum

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1. It's as popular as you make it. Demo it, and people will come to you. Where are you, mybe there's a Black Lightning rep nearby who can show you how to play.


2. A 2000-point force has anywhere from two to twelve models, and costs $40-$50.


3. If you have a unit that's good against soft targets and your opponent brings all hard targets, you have a problem, but a good combined-arms force will do very well.


4. yes.

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