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Just amazing. I am in awe.



Wow, amazing!



Like my last and most favorite cat.. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.



I just love your weird ecology.


Thank you all for your kind replies. I'm having a bit of an internet problem. I'll start posting the rest of the photos starting with The Observatory & Mother Pringle's Amulets Charms & Recreational Potions when the beasty starts moving along again.

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Love it!  Thanks for sharing


I'm glad you feel that way about it, JDizzO. Thanks for letting me know...the feeling is appreciated.


that's a winner!   I can only dream of seeing these in person one day.


Thanks, robinh. I would love to have you see this & the other boards in person...I'm not that good of a photographer.


Awe-inspiring work as always! I love every bit of it and would certainly love to see more pictures!


Thanks, Guindyloo. I'm up early & ready to post photos...the internet is not all that swift on weekend.


You are truly mad



....er, I mean a mad genius! Lol::): and we love you for it. An inspired piece that was fun watching come together


...that started the "mad you say. Alexander was mad, Caesar was mad, & surely Napoleon was the maddest of all!" scene from Gunga Din playing through my head.

GREAT adventure movie...thanks for that & the kind reply, KruleBear!


I'm following the thread with this and you're other buildings and creations.


This is just so epic!


It's creative, funny and well executed.


There should be an award for this!


Thanks as always for the kind reply & continued support, X!

I don't think there is any awards given for terrain, especially surreal, somewhat insane terrain.

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SO now we'll take in the sights around The Village so to speak. This is The Steam Punk Observatory (ArmorCast):



...it's just up the road from Mother Pringle's:



...that's Mom P in the window:



...there has been some question as to what exactly the Observatory is observing:



...this shot was taken before the Twisted Tower & Garden were installed:



...this is Felstiff the Fate Keeper, Master Astrologer & Familiars:



This is Mother Pringle's Amulets, Charms & Recreational Potions Shop:



...one of the recreational potions:



...with a slightly better(?) view:



...Potion Control:





...AND Mom P again:



The Tour will continue in the next post...hopefully.

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Next the top of the Tower with the Mushroom Diva (part of the Operatic Duet...The Main Part according to Herself):







...a better look at the up stairs windows (% why they are barred):





...the Stork's Nest:



The Local Mushroom Brewery with Scary Mary's to the left:



...or the right in this case. That is Demon Rum & Guard:



...& Scary Mary Herself:



...a local philosopher outside his abode:



...The All Seeing Ivy's Place:



...part of the Criminal Element:



...The Goblin Expeditionary Force preparing for adventure or a shopping trip for Rapunzel:





...the Local Militia guarding the Gate:





...the Gate Itself with release mechanism:





...AND the home of a mysterious pair of males, who are never seen together about town:







...there you go for now!

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    • By malefactus
      SO I was browsing through the mushrooms on the Pinterest site when their Mushroom Muse showed me these:

      I HAD to make some of my own. Of course they would need a setting. Being rather Faerie Folk type mushrooms, a Faerie setting was the thing.
      The Entrance to a Deep Place seemed an idea AND,  getting carried away with the thing resulted in this, seen here on my worktable:

      AND with a dark background:

      The Welcoming Committee:

      ...by the entrance:

      Guards may eventually be placed in the side hollow:

      On the far side:

      With an overhead shot:

      Ideas for further adventures in Faerie Lore are swirling through my Old Mind.
    • By malefactus
      SO I started on the Village. It's not so much a try at juggling as a break from the Garden tedium...also something to do as washes dry. All that aside, here's the first of the Village Hovel's.
      Scary Mary's very much W.I.P. place:




      ...AND Scary Mary, Herself:


      ...the day is still young; so there may be more...or not; re, I am still old.
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      AND as promised/threatened Part II:
      The Adventurers I:


      The Adventurers II:


      ...The Pig Knights:






      ...The Henchmen:


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      Work in Progress with some better photos here:
      ...there you have it...for whatever it's worth.
    • By malefactus
      This is the Crew that Rapunzel uses to work her nefarious schemes, run her errands, & generally cause mayhem about Town. Rapunzel needs to hire an new Director of Personnel. Bet that as it may, here is the first part of the Gang. The second part will follow immediately after with a Group Portrait to tie it all together.
      The Psycho Faerie:



      ...off with his head!:

      ...seen here intimidating the Locals:


      ...The Villagers;



      ...The Guard:



      ...The Militia:


      AND The Pack Rat & Drover:




      ...Part II forthcoming.
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