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77163: Male Storm Giant

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I'm nearly finished with the storm giant from the first Bones Kickstarter. There are still some details to do along with base decoration, and I might have to rethink my color choices on the octopus-themed bracers.


I straightened the notoriously floppy sword by cutting it at the joint of the guard, drilling out both the handle and blade, and inserting a pin made from a paperclip, gluing along the length of the pin and the joint with E6000. The resulting joint is strong so far.


I attached the base to a 2x3 inch plywood oval (actual measure is a little larger), again using E6000, which is getting to be my favorite glue for  unlike materials despite its long drying time.





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I sanded down the sword. I wasn't satisfied with my paint application and the original surface was awfully rough anyway. So I'm waiting for a coat of my special formula primer to dry.


Meanwhile I've sketched some swirls on the wood base. I'm not sure what clouds I can make of them. I'll have to get out the putty and go at it, I guess.


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Thank you for your support. It's slow going, probably due to my technique of rolling out coils, tamping them into place and waiting for them to harden before laying the next one; then getting distracted by other activities while I wait. If there were an easier way to build up layers of swirls I'd love to hear about it.

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