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SA's & "Complete" Stat Sheet


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Hi All,


I'm a returning CAV player, and have just ordered the new rule book so that I can introduce the new version to my local game group.  When I played CAV v2, I thought that one of the main distractions for new players was the back and forth between the SA definitions in the rules and the Stat Sheets for each of the individual CAVs that were given to each player.  As a result, I ended up putting together a modified stat sheet that had the vehicle stats, and included the model's photo & a simplified (game effect only) definition for each SA. I'd like to do the same thing again for the new rules, but I'm hoping someone has already done the work.


Is there a more "new player-friendly" set of Stat Sheets out there that someone has put together for new players (I have the quick start & downloads from the CAVHQ Website)?


In addition, has anyone put together a listing of the new SA definitions that could be used as a handout at games?


Glad to see CAV is back and getting some love. Its a great game!

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