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As you might or might not know, Mil-Net recently moved onto a faster, more responsive, and more controllable server.


Our driving desire to get Mil-Net off the previous host and back into that "favorable environment" had one cost: the server wasn't completely rebuilt.


The HDDs and some other hardware needed upgrading.  And this was to have happened Sunday.  Theoretically it shouldn't have been down that long, but it is still down as of 10:30am CST...


When the upgrades are complete, we expect smooth sailing.  Yee haw...


Patience is a virtue, thanks for hanging in there with us.  We can't use the site either!  heh

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Update:  the site won't be up by noon.  We have some hella conversion ahead of us for the databases, so normal useability is now slated for Tuesday morning.


heh gotta love it when the host upgrades SQL to 2000 and doesn't give ya any warning about it  :p

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