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The rules

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I'll post the rules here for reference:


The general rules of the forum still apply in this section, that is: no defamation, degradation, or harassment.


Additionally, a few other rules apply.


The content of this section is the responsibility of the poster of such information. At no time does Reaper Miniatures, Inc. or any of its affiliates take responsibility for the content of the respective members of this board.


Any reference to intellectual property (IP) of another company belongs to respective copyright holder of said IP.


In a gathered game, the Game Master (GM) is the final arbiter of any conflicts between the GM and the players. Reaper will not be able to be the arbiter of any conflicts.


Dice rolls will be resolved by the GM.  Player declares their action, weapon, etc.  Player can post relevant modifier values for that action.  Alternatively, the players can give the GM all of the relevant information and the GM can resolve the action in a single dramatic post.  In any case, the GM will resolve the action according to the player's declaration and the GM's ground rules for the game.  Any conflicts will be resolved between the GM and the player without Reaper intervention.


In a gathered game, the initial post by the GM is to be the copyright information of whatever rule book they will be conducting their game with. For instance: Book X, Second Edition, Smith and Smith, Foo Press, 1989. This way, we give credit where credit is due.


To gather a game, a potential GM will:

a) post a description of their scenario in "The Gathering" section of this forum. †This includes, Rules, Dice required, point limit on characters (if necessary), and all other necessary parameters for character creation.

b) interested players post their stats and character info.

c) after a gathering is made, meet in a new thread defined by the GM in the "The Playing" section of this forum.


Any member can gather a game. Currently any member will be able to post in a game thread. In order to start a thread (and in so doing, create a game) in "The Playing" section, one must send a private message to me, and I will set up the GM with minor administrative privileges. This includes the ability to delete some posts. If this privilege is abused, we will revoke the GM's administrative access.


Kit Pierce is your best bet to have GM access granted.


It will be up to the discretion of the GM to delete posts to allow their game to flow properly.


We call upon the members' sense of courtesy to allow the games to flow. GMs will be able to remove trolls from their games. Members who are not involved with the games are invited to limit their participation to the games to viewing only. If problems arise, we will alter the access rights of the members involved to facilitate the smooth flow of game play.


Please direct any questions or points for clarification to [email protected].



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