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DDS2: The saga continues...

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Now, all I have to do is finish painting them and making it look smooth.  I'm torn- Julie was nice enough to sign the bottom of it so I don't want to cover that with a base... but I want to base it.  I may end up cutting into a wooden base to leave the signature visible versus just asking Julie to sign it again.

Maybe a magnet(s) in the base so that it can be removed to show? (Seal the sig maybe first?

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Aaaand we're back for another round of Corporea vs Crazy Ginormous Dragon of DOOOOM!!!


Every time I think I've made progress I realize how much more time this beast will suck out of my life.  Sigh. But, I promised myself I'd finish the base at least this weekend.  Well, I promised I'd finish the whole thing then bargained myself down to the base thinking surely I'd manage that.  I failed.   :down:   On the bright side, I did make some progress, so score 1/2 a point for Corporea!  


First, I sacrificed Julie's signature in a fit of time-saving madness.  Plus, I really needed a sturdy base for this beast.




I chopped the window top off the bones version of the tower piece and combined it with some sculpey to make a bit more ruins. I tend to use a lot of sculpey because it's cheap and my first art teacher taught me frugality at the pointy end of the brush.




I'm also a fan of making things myself rather than buying them, so I wasted a good bit of time making a little tree.  In hindsight, it would have been faster to drive to the hobby store and buy one, but I learned a lot and feel vindicated in actually making it.  This is the only in-progress shot of the tree I took, sorry!  I meant to take pics of each of the fronds I hand-made then stuck to the trunk with greenstuff or glue and then carefully sculpted over... but the act of doing that wore me out and I couldn't pick up the camera!  ::D:




At any rate, here's the basecoated tree and the first drybrush stage.  I used frontier blue and snow shadow.




before I finished the tree (since it required several stages of drying, etc), I made a few more ruins out of sculpey and added greenstuff to the base.  I'm planning a snow base, but I wanted to make some adventurer footprints and smooth out the edges.


speaking of snow, this is meant to be a moonlit scene, so i don't want pure white snow, or at least not too much of it.  It'll throw off my color balance.  So, I wanted to experiment with colored snow.




So, I have my sacrificial brush and a leftover back to a prescription pad I thought might be useful for projects.  I never throw anything away.  It might be useful to create snow effects, right?




mmmn!  I mixed wood glue, water effects, flake snow and snow shadow and later some frontier blue to test it out.  That's a leftover brie cheese container. Super saver!   I like the water effects as an addition because it gives it a bit more body.




and for the front, I tested out mahogany brown.  It didn't end up too pink.  yay!




squee!  I has at least some snow down!




oh yeah!  I washed the top of the snow areas with wood glue and added more snow to blend it all together.  I still have all the icicles and some more snow to add, but at least it's more done than it was!  Not sure if I want to put icicles or snow on the tree.




test fit! yay!  ok, more, er.... yes.  More.  Later.

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oh, I meant to add something about composition.  Take a look at the last pic.  You can see how the ruins I added make a diagonal line into the already triangular base the dragon sits on.  I made another diagonal from the other direction using the tree and the sculpted rocks.  That combines to pull the eye inwards to the central focus, which is meant to be the fire.  Notice how the sculpt itself combines an x or several triangles?  A triangle is a very powerful tool for composition because of its natural balance.  




Observe Raphael's painting where the forms make a triangle.


Ok- carry on!

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