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I think many of these weird creatures could be explained by the phrase: "A wizard did it." From the look of that realistic eye, I think that in this case a wizard did it to some poor human...


Wizards and Druids tend to do the strangest, unmotivated things sometimes.


Reminds me of a Pathfinder game we played.  We decided to create our own setting in which the Pathfinder rules set represented actual physics.  So the people noticed that they leveled up when they killed things, that scrolls of food and water were more efficient than farms, ranches or hunting, and that death is the least permanent thing you could do to someone.  They had portals instead of public roads, licenses to kill monsters, immortal undead rulers and shops that catered specifically to people who teleported in and out mid-combat so that they could have a scroll with the right spell.


One of the crazier things they ran across was a shark that had been awakened and turned into a lich (for an amusement park).  It had escaped and was very angry- but awakened enough to realized that its desires to do evil weren't necessarily his own, but rather part of the evil nature given over to all undead.

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    • By Metalchaos
      Hello everyone, something different today. Because adventurers also need a reward, here are pictures of 02313, Treasure Hoard (third from the set) sculpted by Bob Olley.






    • By Maledrakh
      The Brass Bull. out of the Bully for you subset in the Bones 2 core set.
      This is a not-Gorgon from D&D. I do not know why Gygax would call this a Gorgon, since it really has nothing to do with the Gorgon sisters from Greek myth. But what it is, is a massive metal bullock that has a petrifying green gas breath attack.
      Even though the Gorgon is described as iron, in that it can be rusty, I did it in bronzey brassey colours.  I gave it a bit of green around the muzzle to look like some residue from it's halitosis.

      More beneath the click

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      Finished this guy up.

    • By Loim
      This is what I'm working on at the moment. I had to start over a few time due to issues with the sculpt. Before I even got started I had to, well I didn't have to but I chose to, fix some of the more obvious problems with the sculpt using Apoxie Sculpt. Some of the mail had no detail at all, so I add it in, and there were some just terrible mold lines. I finally just decided to say forget it and move on with the painting. I was going for more of a grey skin, but ended up with a greener skin. I'm ok with where it's going, but on the next Orc I'll adjust the skin tone. Sorry the pics are a bit wonky.

    • By Metalchaos
      Hi everyone, here is the second Goblin model from Ral Partha's 10-512 Monsters Boxed Set produced in 1992.
      It's a 25mm tall metal "lead" miniature that was sculpted by Bob Olley and I painted it with acrylics.
      I love how the scimitar guard and the helmet were sculpted on this model.





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