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Losing Weapons - General Call for Clarification

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This general line of questioning came up around our table when we started firing overcharged PBGs at one another and, inevitably, started rolling some "burnouts," that is, overheats (1 on 1D6) and weapon failures (snakeyes).  


  • As previously discussed in a different thread, we know that if I go "out of ammo" when firing a Salvo, then the entire weapon system is shut down, e.g. if my Chancellor fires all 4 MACs and runs out of ammo, then all four MACs are disabled. 
  • I infer, then, that if I fire those four MACs individually (we call this a "volley"), then if I run out of ammo for one, then I run out of ammo for all. 
  • Are the above points true / similar / identical for weapon overheat or failure?  That is, if my Tyrant fires all 4 PBGs in a Salvo and overheats, are ALL PBGs shut down for one round?  If I burnout (snakeyes) are they ALL disabled? 
  • Same goes for firing multiple weapons in a volley - if instead of firing my Ogre's 3 PBGs in a Salvo for improved accuracy, I instead fire a volley, and roll snakeyes on my first shot, does that disable all PBGs or just one?  


Thanks in advance for the clarification!  My group and I are working on a more thorough list of FAQs, but we need still more study of the rules and a few more games under our belts first! 

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For the sake of game play it affects all weapons of that type as a whole at the end of the attack. So in your final question/example you would still roll all three attacks during that activation but the double 1 roll result would apply to all of the weapons next activation.

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Here is a comment from CAVBOSS over on Facebook. Don't know how 'official' this is but it gives an idea of what he's thinking for the game.


"Jon Walker Overdrive: Critical Failure and Critical Fumble is the same thing, a roll of double 1s. Some of the following is coming as an errata update so it is a little different than what's currently listed. When shooting PBGs, regardless if a single-rolled or salvo attack, you will roll 1d6 only once after making the required combat rolls. On a 1, the PBGs (all of them) have over-heated and cannot be used the following turn. If any of the combat rolls are a double 1, the PBGs (all of them) will automatically over-heat, resulting in the loss of them for a turn. There will no longer be any weapon failure."

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Let me clarify a bit more as we have adjusted the comment from FB since I put that up as we get the clarification finalized for the errata update...


For Ammo/Limited Ammo...

If you roll a critical fumble (double ones) on your target point to-hit roll, and you then roll a 1 on a 1d6 (or a 2 on a limited ammo weapon), you have jammed/run out of ammo for that specific weapon type (for example: all of your MACs) for the remainder of the game. At any point, if you have the Ammo Bin SA and have not yet used it all up, you can clear/reload and be ready to shoot again on your next activation. If you choose to hold using it and have another weapon system type also jam/run out of ammo, when you declare its use it will also clear/reload that weapon system as well. The effect of an ammo jam/out of ammo effects every weapon system of the same type at the end of your current activation. So even if you jam on the first to-hit roll, you are allowed to complete the attack.



Overdrive: Critical Failure and Critical Fumble is the same thing, a roll of double 1s. Some of the following is coming as an errata update so it is a little different than what's currently listed. When shooting PBGs and using the SA Overcharge, regardless if a single-rolled or salvo attack, you will roll 1d6 for EACH PBG fired after making the required combat rolls. On any roll of a 1, the PBGs (all of them) have over-heated and cannot be used the following turn. If any of the combat rolls are a double 1, the PBGs (all of them) will have over-charged, resulting in the loss of them for the remainder of the game.


When making Shock or Pilot Checks...

You will only need to roll 2d6 once, using the worst of any modifiers (if any), regardless of the number of successful hits, per attacker at the end of their attack. If a new attacker is also successful in requiring these type of rolls you will be required to make the roll again.


Pilot Check and suppression...

If you are not currently suppressed and you get the pilot check/suppression result, you do not subtract the suppression modifier (-2) from the pilot roll as it does not go into effect until the end of the current attackers activation. You would still apply any negative mods required by the pilot roll result itself.


Hopefully that is clear, I'm still a little shell-shocked after the show! ')

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