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We're BOTH crazy! OneBoot and Buglips paint Khanjira in 7 days: WIP thread!

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Laaaaaadies and Geeeeeeeeeentlemen!!!
Welcome to the Epic 7-day Challenge Khanjira battle: OneBoot vs. Buglips!
OneBoot issued the Challenge!
Buglips accepted!
They will be following the standard rules!
(Rules reposted here for clarity)
1.  You may use no brushes larger than Size 0.  As Size 0 can vary by company and brand, the average bristle  dimensions are 10mm long by 1mm wide.  When selecting brushes, try to be as close to this guideline as possible. 
2.  You have 7 full days to complete from your posted start time (including a picture with a time stamp from a phone or computer screen is helpful to establish this) to complete the model.
3.  All visible areas must be painted, and all paint must be applied with a regulation brush.
4.  No drilling, filing, mold line removal or other prepwork is permitted before start time.  The only preparation allowed is to dry fit your pieces to make sure the model is complete, and do any boiling and reshaping necessary to correct warpage and return the model to "factory spec".   You may also clean the pieces with soap and water.
5.  All pieces as included in the box set at retail must be painted.  This includes, for example, the 5 adventurer figures included with Dragons Don't Share 2.
The official start time for this competition is 4:00 PM Pacific time on Wednesday the 27th
Alrighty, let's get ready to RUUUUUUUUMBLLLLLLLE!!
--OneBoot :D

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