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Challenge: Khanjira in Seven Days. Thorne's takin' the plunge!

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Heh. The decision to paint him mostly purple came about when I realized I could have an epic Tarresque. Things went from there. ^.^

As it appears Mr. Lips and Ms. Boot are doing more 'standard' kaijus, I expect mine will stand out a bit. Now, to finish with the base colours, since I have eaten and have a mug of Adult Spetzi (.. cola, orange soda, and in this case, a shot of Grand Marnier. I think I like it better with Cointreau).


Then I might call it a night.

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As it appears Mr. Lips and Ms. Boot are doing more 'standard' kaijus


:huh: Er...I'm not sure where I gave that impression; mine's going to be fairly non-traditional and a bit, um, bright. But if your color scheme also includes orange, teal, magenta and navy, I'm going to suspect you of sneaking into my brain when I wasn't looking and stealing my ideas, since I'm also doing purple skin. :lol: I'm curious to see how yours develops, since I'm aiming to keep mine a bit on the desaturated side.


Looking very nice so far, that Witchcraft Purple is an excellent mouth color! ::):



--OneBoot :D

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Well, the dark underpaint ... at least in that, we're all pretty well doing the same thing, I guess.

But, no. Purple skin appears to be the only similarity - I'mma do the armor in dulled metallic. Copper, bronze.. that sort of thing. ^^;


It sounds really wild! I'm looking forward to seeing it.




This is where I am. I may get the teeth on the maw hit with something tooth-coloured, but I may also call it and go to bed. ^^;

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