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Challenge: Khanjira in Seven Days. Thorne's takin' the plunge!

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Hee. Voltron. I has a lol. ^^


Decided to do a little work on the base. I'm actually pretty happy with it as it is, but I may go over that mud with a little ochre or something to pick out the gravel and such.


I was planning sandstone. But then I realized my slapdash liner job looked like quartz and marble and .. um. I might have decided to roll with that instead. Whoops. Some washing and squooging later, we have this:






and I am pleased. Some of it is a little more like jasper, but I don't really care, I like it. There are no mistakes, dangnabbit! Now I need to do claws and protruding bony spikes and .. eyeballs? Mouth. I need to finish the Maw of Doom. *sage nod*

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Oooh, loving that dark bronze with the purple! :wub: And the rocks turned out lovely; I have to laugh, though, because I had the same thing happen with Kally's base. I hadn't intended to make it marble, it just kinda happened. ^_^


He's looking super cool so far, I'm excited to see how he turns out! ^_^



--OneBoot :D

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Yay! Somebody likes my rocks. ^^

I remember you mentioning that, Boot. Something about happy accidents? ^.~


Got the rest of the metallic on, probably missed some bits, but I'll get those when I find them. All the tiny horn nubs! ALL OF THEM. Oohg.


I think the tail has actually been the worst part of this model - all the sticky-outy bits, with the twisting and all. At least the attachment is big enough I can wear the part as a thimble while I attempt to paint it. Betting I am not the first to discover this nifty detail. Also betting I am not the first, nor the last, to mutter obscenities about the mold lines on the hands.




... mad not-tarresque is upset. And not glued, before anyone gasps at my madness. He almost has eyeballs! I need to hit them with a little peacock green, the Jungle Camo is a hair too dull, even with the Gilded Yellow mixed in. *sigh* Eyeballs are /such/ a trial. But! Progress. Also, wet-blending, with two brushes needs about four hands.

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Getting into the gluing phase now, and cursing the weird shapes that are going to make clamping anything nigh impossible.


But! Khanjira has eyeballs! And pupils.





Going to hold off on the victory celebrations until the beastie is glued together and I have witnessed him stand on his own two feetz.

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