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The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary kickstarter


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Both the show & comics are great, I highly recommend them, even if you're not into zombies / apocalyptic stuff.


Also, Morgan is unlocked! And there is the possibility of Glenn in riot gear and Michonne's pet walkers!  

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EB's still available! 


We've unlocked about as much KS-exclusive content as one of the expansion sets. 
* 4+ survivor miniatures / variants
* 5 rivals (vs. 10 in an expansion set)
* 15 zombies
* 4 game tiles
* plus the Vision of Lori NPC and Michonne's Pets figures.






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Riot Gear Glenn unlocked!! YES! And getting closer to unlocking Michonne's walker pets! 


The exclusive KS pieces (thanks Greg M) currently:

1.) 4 new tiles plus a scenario where you fight the Governor.

2.) Motorcycle Daryl + his Ride scenario

3.) the Governor playable character

4.) vision of Lori

5.) 10 crawler mini's

6.) Sasha playable character

7.) Morgan playable character

8.) 5 Rival General minis



Stevie’s list of minis

















Motorcycle Daryl (KSE)

Lori (KSE)

Governor (Social Goal KSE)

Vision of Lori (Social Goal KSE)

Sasha (Stretch Goal KSE)

Morgan (Stretch Goal KSE)

Riot Gear Glenn (Stretch Goal KSE)

Michonne's Pets (Stretch Goal KSE)

Amy (Iconic Civilian)

Sophia (Iconic Civilian)

Miguel (Iconic Civilian)

Dr. Jenner (Iconic Civilian)

Walker Shane (Better Angels)

Male City Walkers

Female City Walkers

Gas Mask Walkers

Fire Walkers

Riot Gear Walkers

Crawling Walkers (Social Goal KSE)

Vatos Rivals

Dave's Crew Rivals

Prisoner Rivals

Rival Generals (KSE)


Rick in hospital gown (KSE)!!!

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*Cheers!* Michonne's walker pets officially unlocked!!


There are also some spiffy new SG's of well walkers and a mini of Dale's RV both with game mechanics! :)

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Can't afford to back any kickstarters right now, but boy did this one ever tempt me, so I'm kinda glad the funding period is over now.

Will be watch for the final product to come out though. Really curious to see how well the production minis turn out.

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I backed it, I couldn't resist with all the characters offered. They look very tv accurate, and the painted ones Anne posted look great. And they have a lot of characters I doubt we'll ever see minis of elsewhere, like Otis and T-Dog. I mean you can find not-Rick or not-Michonne minis elsewhere, but who ever thought Pruitt Taylor Vince would have his own mini. Also, the gameplay videos by rahdo make the game look fun, complex and stressful.

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The difference in publicity between this game and Mantics Walking Dead game is like night and day.

I didn't back either kickstarter but have been gobbling up everything from Mantics game at retail. Love the gameplay and minis.


Still interested in seeing the minis in person from this one, but haven't much interest in the game itself.

Lools like this should be shipping soon, but communication from the projects creators seems to be rather poor.

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I received my order yesterday. The game looks pretty good, though the scenario pages are very thin paper and look easy to damage. The minis are decent to good looking plastic quality. For the most part you can easily make out details, though a few of the faces look a bit too smooth. This is partially a function of the scale, they are as tall as Reaper minis but very thin, more of a true scale. I noticed complaints about warpage on the BGG page, but they don't seem any more warped than any other mini game, and in fact I think there will be minimal boiling required. There is a bit of flash on a few minis, but nothing abnormal or extreme. I ended up getting the core plus the two expansions, along with the Lori adventure+mini. Here are some pics:



Sisters Beth and Maggie from the What Lies Ahead expansion with a Reaper mini for scale.



Carl and Michonne from the Killer Within expansion, along with Dale's RV and Michonne's walkers from the stretch goals. You can see a bit of flash on Carl's arm and vest, and detail is poor on his face, though not surprising for a smaller child mini.



These are the generic living and undead minis from the core game. They didn't skimp on minion quality, the faces and clothes look quite good. 



And finally Merle, Daryl, Rick and Glenn from the core game. There is a bit of visible flash on Daryl, but the quality on these is quite good, with recognizable facial features.


I'm happy with my rewards, and I'm looking forward to trying the game.

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Checked out the mini's. Definitely on the low end. They're better than those terrible Shadows of Brimstone miniatures, and I prefer their "true scale" proportions over Mantic's "what's with that head" Walking Dead proportions. Mantic's Walking Dead figures have more detail. Depending on the IP, I'll probably pass on the next Cryptozoic KS until they can show they can produce miniatures I'd pay over $125 for.

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