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GW Warhammer Chaos Lord

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Thanks for the kind words folks! Yeah, the client wanted a kind of glass steel look to it, as that's what his character uses. Happy to her you all like it. :D 


The rest are several different metal paints with some washes of nuln oil from GW and Purple and Red Tone from Army Painter. The reds are all Army Painter. Chaos Red for the base, chaos red and dragon red (about 50/50 mix), then dragon red, dragon red and pure red, Pure red, then a slight bit of Lava Orange mixed in with the pure red for my final highlight, as I still wanted to keep the cloak red, and not go into the orange or yellow range.

The spear is Pthalo blue highlighted up with different shades of lighter blue and up to white. 

The horns are basecoat black, GW karnak stone, ushbati bone, ceramcoat oyster white, Army Painter matte white. 

Skin is GW Mournfang brown, Army painter monster brown, tanned skin, barbarian skin. 

Skulls are GW Rhinox hide, mournfang brown, karnak stone, ushbati bone, Ceramcoat oyster white, Army painter Matter white. 

The stone he's standing on is various grays and whites, with some static grass glued on, 

The belt, scabbard, and spear shaft are all GW browns. Rhinox, mournfang, skrag, and one other I don't remember off hand the name. I tried to stipple the paint on the scabbard, but since most of it is hidden by the cloak and armor, you can't see it well. 


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