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Mystic Theurge (89021) (Bones)

Chris Palmer

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Thank you for the comments, everyone!



Excellent job!  Are there plans to put together the rest of the warband, or were you just going for the wizard and apprentice?



Pippin-  Yes, I plan to build a warband for the Soothsayer Apprentice and (eventually) Wizard, though I don't think there will be anything particularly themed about it; just an assortment of hired help.   My eventual goal is to have a wizard & apprentice pair and full warband for each of the schools of wizardry from the original rulebook. 

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21 hours ago, VolksFest said:

She (what He?.. oh OK.. ^_^ ) He would make an awesome soothsayer.. and did you really paint a reflection dot in her pupils.. wow! 



Well, the hair is a little long... ::P:

 So, I just went and checked the tag words on the figure's listing and the store, and that confirmed it was a Male.  But I agree he probably could be used for a female in a pinch.


And yes, I did do reflection dots.  Sometimes I feel a little more ambitious then others... :lol:  And this was one of those times I guess.  It was the perfect face for it, with no obstructions (like hats, hoods, or weapons), and nicely tilted slightly up for even easier access.  In honesty, the number of human figures I've done this on can probably counted on one hand. ::):

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