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03505: Brandle Birchstaff, Arch Mage


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Very cool!




He looks awesome!! Good job on his cloak; that's pretty cool!


Thank you!


I don't know how you resisted that big empty canvas on the back of his cloak. Tremendous paintjob.


Haha, I got lazy. 

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You did an awesome job! I love all the colors!


Thank you! I really appreciate it. 

I love the color transitions (and the color in general!) on the cloak.  The back of his cloak does look strangely plain, although it makes sense that there would not be stars on that side. 


The paint job on this guy is just amazing overall though.  Wow!


It does look very out of place, considering how busy the front is. Truth is my free hands are not yet up to scratch. Good  thing is, that portion is also the only part that is not yet varnished. I will revisit it perhaps when I don't suck in free hands so much ::P: . Thank you very much for your kind comment.

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