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Sir Forscale (Garrick The Bold 77008)

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So Since Bryan decided to hold a contest, I decided to join in!


I decided when I heard about this, and the stipulations of the contest, I knew that I was going to steal an Idea that I have seen here on the forums....


Someone had taken an older pikeman figure, and painted bands 1/4" apart on the pikeshaft, to use him For Scale!

I saw this before I knew who / what Sir Forscale was / is, so the thought stuck with me.


So I removed his sword, and added a pike from a Ral Partha Wood Elf Pikeman from back when....


Reaper Brush on Primer on the Pike, as it is metal, then everything was airbrushed with thinned Grey Liner...


His Chainmail is Decayed Metal, going up to Brass, and he will be painted in Reaper's colors of Red, Green, and Black.


The pike will be marked in some way to indicate specific measurements, and I plan to try a Banner to fly from it as well...


I am a little worried about how to make sure he stands up, as the pike is a tad bit unbalancing...


First cut pics....


post-14271-0-80800800-1469853777_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-82331600-1469853778_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-85923000-1469853779_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-81271200-1469853780_thumb.jpg


Thanks for looking!



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To balance him out maybe add a rock behind his left foot? Or a helm or weapon might fit his look too.


Edit: Forgot to add that your plans for Sir Forscale sound cool.

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I have to double check the rules about the basing for the contest, but those sound like a plan. ..

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Love the chain mail. Looking forward to seeing the end result.

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Lots of work here....


Decided on a halved color scheme, as I can't think of any way to do a quartered with 3 main colors....


Victorian Brass on his Chainmail, Black Metal on all the Plate....


MSP Christmas Wreath and Scale 75 Deep Red on the tabard and shield. (Did the shield quartered for the hades of it...)

Tassle on the spear the same, plus some Decay Black...


Gloves, shield straps, and belt are 50% Black & Brown Leather


Back of shield and Pikestaff are Birch, over a mis start of GW Bubonic Brown...


Banner is scanned from an old blister pack cardboard from Tolan the druid, cropped and mirror imaged with photoshop elements.

It is not attached yet, as I am trying to figure out a way to make the words read right on both sides, but keep the colors correct also...


post-14271-0-04075500-1469955336_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-36664300-1469955342_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-97618800-1469955342_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-54752800-1469955343_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-13187300-1469955344_thumb.jpg


Comments and critiques welcome!



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So more work on him tonight...


Dwarf gold on the shield and the symbols...

Building up the Reds and Greens

little more on the silver

walnut wash on the shield back and pikestaff...

working up the leathers as well...


post-14271-0-23922500-1470196691_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-29292800-1470196692_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-31735400-1470196693_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-29981200-1470196694_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-27315800-1470196695_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-37246300-1470196696_thumb.jpg 


still need to work things up a bit more, but hopefully the painting will finish tomorrow....

then I can expand the base so he doesn't fall over from the pikestaffs weight...


Comments and critiques welcome...



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I really like him George. Tho I don't like the back side of that banner and it being mirrored. I think it needs to be readable like the other side.

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I agree with you. Thinking that the black and green are just not going to match so that it will be read able on both sides.

I'll just have to print the banner twice and cut them out and glue them that way.

Gotta test the printer ink with DullCote too...

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What you could do on the banner is move the dividing line between green and black to the exact middle of the skull.


Then mirror the background only. The word "Reaper" can read left to right as normal on both sides. But the background will be green on the 'hoist' side and black on the 'fly' side. But the dividing line will match.


I wonder if Reaper could provide you with a nearly official version of that...it kinda seems like a great idea for a downloadable thing in the same category as desktop backgrounds. :unsure:

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