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While playing D&D and other tabletop RPG games we started to miss accessories that would make our gaming experience more enjoyable and convenient. In our opinion, the best way to fill the void is to create what you lack. We sat down and got to work. We would like to introduce you to our version of tabletop RPG accessories by Soaphog.

We have created easily adaptable cards, coins and tokens for minor and major RPG tabletop games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder to name a few. Artwork for each accessory is unique and designed to fit any RPG game. 


























Our story

We are Soaphog Game Studio from Latvia, passionate to create amazing gaming experiences. We develop video games and at the same time are keen D&D players, we create and play games, including tabletop RPGs. Our belief is that there are more gamers who miss affordable, quality and beautifully designed artwork accessories for tabletop RPG games. Therefore we are here to provide you with a great product. Since receiving our prototypes they haven't left our D&D table. 











To create amazing artwork for tokens, cards and coins our inspiration is coming from historical objects covered with stories and events. In order to create fitting objects, our D&D tables have helped us in a major way. When creating coins we set our mind on classical fantasy coins with historical motives, so they would fit any tabletop. 

To get you inspired, glimpse in our design and creation process is here:


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