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So I'm getting ready to do some Sisters of Averlorn from GW, they're also known as the maiden guard. I've got about 20 to do and need to get completed by 25 AUG 16. They're going to go with some other 10 guys I've got done into a multi-base unit for Kings of War. They're supposed to be scouts coming from the forest. I thought since I was in a time crunch, it might be fun to document the process for others if they ever decide to do something like this. 


So my first step was to remove all the parts from the sprues and get rid of all the mold lines and burrs.  Each mini consists of Head, Chest, Cloak, Bow, Feet and one accessory - so 120 desprued and cleaned up pieces (about three hours). Since I wasn't putting the models together at this point (easier to paint each piece separately) I needed to find some way to prime them.  


My Mother in law likes to send fresh fruit baskets where the fruit is already cut and diced. Each piece is skewered on a plastic kebob (for lack of a better word). So with a small piece of blu-tack, a kebob and some spare pieces of foam I was able to produce this (another hour);




I primed all the pieces and was able to put the base color on 80 pieces (minus heads and accessories). It took about six hours to get that portion done. But here's where the base colors are at; 




Hopefully I'll be able to do the base colors on the faces tonight/tomorrow and I'll take some closer shots so the colors are visible. Any comments or questions appreciated.





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So I did get some time to lay down the base coats for the heads. I first used bronze flesh even with each face, from below I used a green, then two lighter flesh tones from 60 degrees, then 15 degrees. After looking at all these tiny heads, I'm feeling a little like Vlad the Impaler...


@Knarthex - for sometime I wondered if I could get away with an all foam core army pretending they were pikes. 


@XHerman - thanks!






The green comes out pretty overwhelmingly in these photos. I'm hoping it becomes more subtle when they get more color around them.  Here's hoping!




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@Knarthex - it is strangely satisfying to see so many heads on pikes :zombie:  lol


So last night I worked on the metal skirts; just a simple bronze color with a black wash. Also have to determine what overall leather color would work best, a nice warm leather or a cool fawn.


some reason its not allowing me to place the pics into the post except as attachments...


So the first boot is with the warm leather, second image is the fawn leather and the last shot is an overall shot of progress. Think I'm going with the warm leather.









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I managed to get the boots base coat done, (about 20 minutes) and get the first five finished with the warm leather coloring. Got finished with these first five before I decided to see how much color on the forward legs back boot will appear...Yay the cloak covers it completely... Oh well at least I got more practice in. For reference the right leg is in the rear and I'm shading the mini's as if the sun is shining over their right shoulder.  It never made sense to me for the brightest to be in the front for army miniatures, "hey lets paint a tactical disadvantage on my guys." Maybe I thought to much about it.


Here's a wide shot, yay, 40 boots base coated!!




And here's a better close up of one of the boots. The inner tabard is going to be a lighter color, either an ivory or white.




Hope everyone is okay!



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Completed the last 15 pairs of boots last night, all told it took about 4 1/2 hours all told to get the boots done, or about 13 1/2 minutes per pair. All I have to say is Boots!!!!!


Overall shot



Close up



Shot of my helper who loves anything crinkly, especially likes my deskside garbage bag...




Thanks for looking



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@Chaoswolf & @Xherman1964 - Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it.


I didn't get much chance to paint last night, but had about two hours this morning so I'm still able to keep pace today. I decided that the tabard was going to be white. Didn't do a ton of blending because the parts were so small, but I did discover that by going back up and down the color scale I could still get a pretty good color variation. Dark - med - high - med - dark. By coming back down the medium color being on the high got lighter so it was a bit of a cheap 5 tone variation using only three colors straight from the dropper without mixing. My only tip today!


So here's what they look like with the white tabards done;




A close up;




Also decided to edge the bronze so it stands out more;




Also did the buttons on the boots;




Think I'm holding off doing the bottom of the feet (skull, stone, helmet) until I see how they're going to be on the base and the gemstones until I do them all in one fell swoop...so many gemstones....



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@Xherman1964 - I like it too! Its nice being able to put something you've finished on the table and game with it. Makes the whole experience more enjoyable.


So didn't get as much time to paint this weekend, just about 7 hours. I'm working on the breastplates. I'm still not decided if I want to paint the middle portion between the chest and belt white or leave it as red. 


Here's a shot of the whole horde;



A close up of one I finished as a test piece;




Same one from the side;




Thanks for you looking!



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I like that gem!!!


Maybe in the end when you seal the army Matt varnish/anti shine or something.., go over the gems with gloss sealer / varnish?

That way they will stand out even more.

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