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Bones LTPK Layer Up?


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So I was browsing over at FRP Games and saw that they had a second Bones LTPK called Layer Up(#08907) listed as a preorder. I've got a coworker who I'm just introducing to painting, and who bought the first Bones LTPK already but is now looking for more. Is this coming soon, or has it been shelved for later due to some reason or another? If it's coming soon, I'll tell him to buy it when it pops up, but otherwise I may just send him over here to buy some of the minis and paints that came with the old LTPKs and lend him my copies of the booklets that came with them.

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I hope it's before. I can't really teach him much, because my painting is pretty basic itself, and the LTPKs have always been good investments. I know I'll be buying it myself, eventually. It'll go well with all the painting DVDs I'll be getting when Bones KS3 ships out.

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We are producing units for release, probably in September. Best estimates based on the time needed to produce the volume required, mid or latter half September.

Sweet! I'll keep him occupied by sending some of my Bones backlog his way, things that I have duplicates of or don't have any forseeable use for. I think I kind of gave him a bit of a shock when I handed him around 10 paints that I had gotten duplicates of through the old metal LTPKs, so I'll add to it by throwing some minis at his face to paint while he waits.


Thanks for the update, Bryan!

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One of the congoers who purchased the kit has already completed the three figures and posted them in Show Off if you'd like a preview. I'm so excited to see this one finally heading out to release. It was a bit of an adventure to get it there and a lot of work went into it on both my part and Reaper's. I'm really hoping that people will find it fun and useful.



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I can't wait for this one to drop. I still don't really understand the difference between washing and glazing, and it should hit me right in the sweet spot skill wise. And I'll be telling my coworker about it as soon as it becomes available. I haven't talked to him in a few months due to different schedules, so I don't know if he's still painting, but hopefully he'll still pick this up.


For a future kit might I suggest Armor Up: Non-Metallic Metals? After all, there's those nice NMM triads coming out next year...

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If Reaper follows the old LTPK path, then NMM would be next in line. Though, if they follow the Internet's recommended path, then they will wait on NMM and go to Flesh and Skintones. All of this assumes Reaper and Wren continue to make them (*fingers crossed*).

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