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I've been doing a lot of Sci-Fi lately, so felt like doing something a bit more...old fashioned.

I have a ton (not literally, I think it was under 100 lbs....) of Empire of the Dead miniatures, a Steampunk/Victorian/Horror minis game based in 1888 London from West Wind Productions.  So I took a look through the boxes and thought I'd try my hand at one of the Hansom Cabs I have.

It should be fun.  This will be the first resin and metal model I've done in....ummm, let's go with "some time"...  This will be the first carriage I've done.  And this will be the first horse I've ever done (that wasn't a mutated Goblin anyway....). And it will hopefully get me back to working on miniatures at home a few evenings a week.


So, what's in the bag?




Hmmm, lots of bits.  Springs, an axle, some lamps, a bunch of heads.


I decided to focus on the carriage for now, and cleaned everything up.



There was a slight mold misalignment on the back of the main body which required some work (and still needs a bit more).  There were also a couple of bubbles that needed to be taken care of.


post-8239-0-07081100-1470148022.jpg  post-8239-0-60249700-1470148025.jpg


I've also gone through and drilled pilot holes for each of the mounting spots where they weren't well defined.  I'll drill them out further as needed when I get to test fitting all the pieces.


At this point I had to let the green stuff cure so that was it for the evening.

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Some slow progress being made. Every step seems to need something to dry (putty, super glue, things that have been washed....).


Here's a shot of the interior of the cab, where I puttied one bubble.



This will all be dark and in shadow so I think the casting will be fine for that.  The next one I do (I have few of these) I may "empty" the passenger compartment with the dremel for a change.


I started working on the driver, by picking the head I liked and pinning it.



He's since been attached to the upper body, which I'll get a pic of later.


Then it was time to start on the suspension, which is a bit confusing.  West Wind has a couple of pics on their store for this item so that helped a bit.


First I put in the leaf springs.



Then put in the axle.



I twisted the tabs that connect the axle to the springs a bit to get a better contact.  I'm not sure how such a suspension would work in the real world, but since it's all going to  be on the bottom of the model I say good enough  ::):


Up next will be putting on the lanterns,the rein guides, the front piece that connects to the horse (not sure what those are called) and maybe attach the body of the driver to the bottom half before priming.  The wheels and the horse will definitely get attached later.

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Forgot to list the steps in the pieces to attach....





Here is the driver with his head attached.




Think I'll get the pin ready but paint him separate...



And I removed the metal that attached the horse's hooves together.  



I'm going to be mounting it on a cobblestone base so that had to go.


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Got a bit done over the last few days while on vacation.


Started with priming the main part of the cab.



Then put some pins in for the driver and the horse.




Later that day it appears I did some more priming, but no pics....



Yesterday I did a bit of painting.


Based the cab in Noir Black as I think I want this one black.




also a dark brown for the driver's pants.  Not sure if it is the right brown yet....




Tried out some Chestnut Brown on the horse.



I think it will do.



And started on the driver as well.




I haven't used Bronzed skin triad before.  We'll see after we get past the shadow colour, it's pretty orange right now...

The scarf will likely change to more of a dingy grey-white, but Creamy Ivory is good for covering the black primer.


I'd have got more done but my allergies have been killing my eyes, and the Olympics have been more interesting than I expected....


I'll post up what I get done today later.


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Well, didn't get as much done as I'd planned, but got further in my book I'm reading than expected.....




Worked on the basecoat for the horse.  Looking better now.





Used Oiled Leather to undercoat where the Brass will be going on the cab.



And put a was on most of the driver.





Since then I worked on the driver some more and had to stop when his right eye wouldn't behave.  Didn't get back to him so he's currently one-eyed ...and no pictures yet.



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Looking really good, I like the look of the horse so far and have a few minis with horses coming in tomorrow, so will be really interested in watching that progress.  All in all, looks like a fun mini to put together and paint!


And yes, the Olympics always seem to draw my attention, even when I don't think they will.  :)

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Think I'm going to call the driver done (at least the top half o him).





And I started on the passengers, but didn't get far as I spotted some spots that needed more black, so I did those and called it a night.





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Had a three day weekend where no painting got accomplished, but yesterday was good.


First, I've finished my exchange figure so it is home getting sealed and based.  So I painted a horse at lunch.




Finished with a AP Strong Tone wash.  Today I'll probably figure out the leathers. Then go back to highlight.



And last night I got a decent base coat on all the bits of the passengers, as far as I can tell.




Hopefully I can get them completed tonight.  I don't really want to work on the outside until I get them finished and can stop handling it so much.



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Well, lots of progress on the horse, not so much on the cab.


Yesterday I got a lot done on the horse.




I thought the metals were too bright and it still needed some highlighting, but I like.


Last night it was fairly late by the time I got to painting and my back was bugging me, so I pretty much just did some priming on the wheels and the other still unconnected piece and called it a day.


Today I think I've finished the horse.




Did a little highlighting on the body, the harnesses, touched up the boots, added some colours and detail to the hooves and did a black wash over the metals and the heavy padded part of the harness that I've kept black.



So two parts down, and just the hard part to go!  

And less  than a week to go to get it done and keep my streak alive for the RPChallenge...


Hopefully I'll make some good progress tonight as my wife is out visiting her folks and the kids are at camp.


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As hoped, some good progress was made, at least until around 10 when my shoulder decided it had had enough with straight lines and that it should start adding a certain randomness to each brush stroke....




I'm calling the passengers done.

As you can see I've started on the metallics as well. 


I did some testing one the side to see how it will look.




And gave the suspension a coat of blackened steel to begin with.





Also, I'd dug out the base I wanted for this the other day.  Laast night I gave it a cleaning and then primed it.




I also primed a few EotD round bases.  I'm planning on painting them all up today at lunch. I've packed up my usual colours for cobblestones (for some reason I use P3 paints for them, think I was just trying out new colours, it worked ok, so no point in messing with a system....).



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Cobblestone bases.  Not the most exciting thing to spend an hour painting at lunch, so I took some breaks and took some pictures of how I do it.




Here they are primed, with a couple of my completed ones from a past session to remind me what I did....


I then based them in P3 Thamar Black.  That wasn't really worth a picture, so on to the first colour.




I use 3 greys for the majority of the stones.  I started with P3 Ironhull Grey, doing roughly a 3rd of the stones in it in randomish pattern.





Next was P3 Cyrn Bane Base which has a bit more of a green cast to it.




Then on to P3 Bastion Grey, which goes a bit more towards a sandy brown.



And finally the 2 accent colours I use.  P3 Tratior Green and P3 Bloodstone.





And that took lunch.  Monday I will tidy things up a bit, then give the whole thing a black wash.  Then I might pick out some edges if I'm feeling really keen. (Or that might wait until I see where the cab will go on it.)



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