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The cobblestones look great, thanks for detailing the color choices too, makes it easy should I ever have a need to try to replicate . . . err . . . steal it.  :)

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I made some very good progress this weekend but I'm constantly spotting more to do.  Here's where I ended the evening as I was getting too shaky to do anything useful.




I've attached the front piece, primed that, got a base coat on it, painted the luggage, painted all the brass trim, a first pass at curtains in the windows, a wash on the metal under carriage bits.


Here is a top shot of the luggage.




I also painted and washed the wheels.  And had to give them a test fitting.




There are tons of little (and not so little) touch ups to go, especially the black.  I need to decide on some highlighting.  I need to wash some bits.  

Hopefully I'll get to finish the base up tomorrow at work, and maybe seal it , if it isn't too humid. Its game night so not much painting in the evening is likely.


Then hopefully get finished  painting the carriage  on Tuesday and get it sealed so I can start on final assembly.


Wednesday might be a late night, to get it finished in time for the RPChallenge,


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Getting very close now (which is good as I need it completed tonight!!).


Did many touchups and bits I'd been putting off, like the lenses for the lanterns.


Also drilled and pinned the bottoms of the wheels where they will attach to the base (note to self, do this very early on the next one as it is nerve wracking doing it to the painted wheels....)


Hit the cab with a quick coat of antishine to give it a little protection.  then attached the driver.  Found he fit and looked best turned a bit to the right.




After that was dry, on to the part that was worrying me the most, final assembly.  I'd been pondering how to get the wheels attached, with the pins for the wheels lined up, and the rails at the front at the right height for the horse?  There was no way I was going to be able to accurately drill 4 holes for pinning in the base, then glue the pins in, the wheels on the cab and the rails on the horse all at the same time without making a huge mess.


Then I remembered I had another couple of the big corks I had the horse pinned to for painting....




This shot is actually from my first attempt.  I checked it after a bit and realized the wheels had some serious negative camber and toe in going on, so they got an alignment which still looked good this morning.

And luckily I had a piece of Bones sprue just the right size to use to block up the cab at the right height while it dried.


So, all that is left is to trim the pins, drill the base and glue everything on.  Then a final once over and some quick photos.

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