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How do I take a decent photo


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Hi all


I have been trying to take a photo for the contest and cannot seem to get anything that is not a blurry mess.


I am using my digital camera with an auto focus lens.... Using the flash is out because it adds a lot of white to the photo. When I take the pics to the computer and try and crop/zoom in, it is apparent that the figure is not in Crisp focus.


I tried posting in the shutterbug forum but still have not gotten a response (slightly different question, though)


Since it seems that the regular posters in the forums can take pictures that show what they painted, I am hoping that you can explain what you are doing.






**edit: moved to correct forum...**

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Does your digicam have a macro capability? If so, you'll definitely need to use it.


The real trick to getting non-blurry images is to use a tripod for your camera. The slighest vibration (especially on up close and personal shots) will cause the image to lose alot of crispness. If you have a tripod and a timer function on your camera, use both. The reason you'll want to use the timer is that even on a tripod, the mere act of pushing the shutter release button is enough to vibrate the camera slightly. Using the timer, you push the button and then don't touch the camera until after the shot is complete.


Does that help?

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If your still having trouble, you can use a 'lil trick I came up with.


Shoot the mini through a magnifying glass. Make sure it's cleaned off though, dun want any specs showing on the still.


If you have a scanner, just set the mini face down on the scanner and crop it out since scanners tend to create files that are roughly 2100x2800 (guessing) pixels, cropping even a mini should leave you with at least a 500x700 pic.


If you have a good graphical software you can also crop the Mini out of the bg with a selection tool.. ah but I'm getting ahead of myself..

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I would tend to just meander down to the photography section.... Also, if you have the camera and the anility to figure it out, I have a basic straightforward article on my site regarding taking pics with a macro...




Further down the list is my article on scanning figures...


Scanning minis (and blowing their heads up :P)

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::D: Well A good way to get your camera to focus is if you have a friend help you out by marking the location of your mini and put a piece of gray (Photo Gray is best) card in the location. Then you press your shutter half way down to get the proper focus (The auto focus should be working at this point), you hold the shutter release at this point while your assistant exchanges the card for the mini, then you press the rest of the way down to release the shutter, you will also think that your camera is faster too, because generally if taking a shot takes your lets say 1.3 seconds 1 second is for auto focus and 0.3 is for taking and recording the image generally (Just hypothetical numbers, different cameras will vary).
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