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Hobby Report - First and Best (so far)! [Group/Open]

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This is such a cool idea!! Going through all of these is a real treat. I  just recently started to paint (Got the reaper LTP kit last Christmas) but I think I've improved since then. It's so cool to see how much I've improved and to know that I can only get better.



This was my first mini from the reaper learn to paint kit.







This is my first mini after the learn to paint kit.





And finally these are my favorite figures so far. They're from the board game Arcadia Quest.





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It is time. Look upon my Horrible Paintjobs and Despair! Also. Bad Phone Pictures!






If you cannot tell, this is a Warhammer Skeleton. And it is Pink. Was trying for a "Bloody Skeleton" From Castlevania.




A Reaper Manticore. And it is PURPLE! Yep.



And now for something I actually did a good job on...




A Reaper Bones Giant I painted as a Fire Giantess. The Eyes and Dress are my best of each.




D&D Minis Efreeti. The Burning from Within effect is something I am proud of!




Stonehaven Dragonborn. Personal favorite due to it Inspiring a Player Character concept from a friend.



And my absolute best...








D&D Mini Berserk Flesh Golem. So much hard work. So worth it. Was a Prize at the 2014 D&D Minis Guild Community Draft. First prize picked too.



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Battlemasters and HeroQuest were my gateway drugs in 1991. My weapons of availibility were testors and craft paints applied with secondhand cheap brushes and the tip of a sewing needle for eyes.


The ideas of washes, shading and highlighting were unknown mysteries.


The wizard was my first attempt at freehand.  I painted in spurts from this point to around 2004 when life interupted. The Mordheim Freelance Knight was one of the last minis I would paint until 2015.


I was using Citadel paints and brushes at this time and relied heavily on washes and drybrushing. My only thought to highlighting was to maybe hit the high points with the base color. Black wash was used on everything that wasn't skin.

In October of 2015, I was battling against a brain weasel attack and it dawned on me that I had reached a certain amount of stability and that getting back into painting was possible. So I raided the flgs for a couple boxes of Zombicide VIPS, a box of GW skeletons to harken back to my roots, and discovered something called Reaper Bones. Not only was I pleasently suprised that Reaper was still around, but that the Bones were well within my discretionary income. So I got a fistful of them, which I then proceeded to ruin due to the fact that I got impatient and once again resorted to priming them with Testors. (such is the cycle of life) I did eventually get them cleaned up and properly painted and they were gifted out to various coworkers.


I had gotten ahold of more citadel paints and some Reaper MSP but life and work kept interupting and it took me over a year to finish the skeletons and zombies. I had also discovered the forums during that time as whenever I googled the figure names looking for paint schemes it would lead me here, so I lurked until December 2016. Since then I've been able to meet or exceed the skill level I had in 2004 largely due to hanging around here and with the instructions from the Layer Up kit.


These are two of the Coffee Dwarves I've finished this week, who apparently don't like to be photographed. (perhaps they're camera shy due to unfinished bases)



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I’m kinda obsessed with painting skin this shows one of my first, one in the middle, and one of my most recent. I started painting way more over the past year and a half.


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