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Hobby Report - First and Best (so far)! [Group/Open]


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This is a pretty cool thread, this upcoming September will be the one year mark for my mini painting.

The male knight on the left is one of my very early minis, he has no shading what so ever.

The female knight is the most recent I think it's mini # 28, though I'm still struggling with certain things, photography included lol.


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Ok, you asked for it. I started painting minis in early 2015.


These are the very first things I ever painted. There is another rat and another beetle somewhere around here.



Here are a couple more photos of my earlier efforts. (2015)







This is the first one I was super proud of and I did a WIP here on the forums with her.



And these are my most recent finished minis this year.





My photography skills have improved as well!

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I've only been painting for 4 months. But this forum has really been a source of inspiration and encouragement. And threads like this really contribute to that! I know i would have still liked painting mini's but i dont know if i'd be as enthusiastic about it ::D: if i hadnt stumbled on to ya'll as quick as i did. So not alot of progress to show but Barden Barrelstrap and Arthan Nightblade were my first two minis 4 months ago.



Highlighting and patience are still my goal when it comes to the hobby. Always trying to cram alot of progress in a small amount of time... and my head is always running away with ideas when ever i sit down to do more. With that in mind while still works in progress I like these next two because i can see the beginings of actual technique in them. The spots on the barbed devil were intentional... if not totally as planned. And the teifling is for another d&d player whos insistance on black on black has forced me to think outside the usual parameters i've used... and of course to come here for advice :)IMG_6101.thumb.JPG.9a266361f84ca707f1c23929fd9ddac2.JPGIMG_6102.thumb.PNG.8a877bbeeb4d3a35a184952a56da8421.PNG


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