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Hobby Report - First and Best (so far)! [Group/Open]


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It's really amazing to me to see Kuro's and Corporea's figures as they are both now instructors at ReaperCon and have won multiple awards. Again, this just shows that everyone starts out as a beginner and their hard work pays off with determination and striving to learn how to better themselves at the hobby! 


All I gotta say is "WOW" for everyone's work on here and thanks for showing what you've done. I hope others see this thread and share their works as well. ::D:

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"...one year's worth of XP, twenty eight times..."


I will try to locate and photograph relevant items.


*****Wonders what box(es) to look in.*****


First mini is gone forever. Also unknown. Apparently unfindable on the Internet. (Aside: my autocorrupt has decided Internet is a proper noun. I have no idea why. Is it? It gets capitalized automatically even though I never attempted to manually set it to do that. ) Where was I ??


Right. First mini. It was a horse and rider. The horse was a ghost. There was much swirly cloth horse barding (AC does not know the word barding.) ...and the barding morphed into swirly Caspar style ghostiness. The rider was heavily cloaked. Probably a wraith or a ghost. The rider had a lance. Cast in lead. Badly crooked. I replaced it with some wire.


Mostly I slathered this thing in India ink but I think I put two red dots in the empty sockets of the barding.


The mini belonged to a friend but I painted it for him.


I keep repeating the description hoping somebody recognizes it. It would have been about 1980-81.

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