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Hobby Report - First and Best (so far)! [Group/Open]


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Cool thread, Ub3r!



I'll have to try and do some digging to see if I can find my first (ish) figure; I'm pretty sure I've still got it somewhere.

Thanks! Glad you like it and will participate!


This is so amazing. I love seeing everyone's progress - it lets me know that there's hope for me! Lol.


xo Tay

I love that so many are joining in on the fun and sharing their journeys. Really, we all start out as beginners and grow as we continue to practice and get feedback and learn from others. ::):

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Wow Citrine I love those!


And I remember the Grenadier girls..


*** on the rythm of Music Was My First Love- John Miles****


Grenadier was my first love,

but it won't be my last

I love minis from the future

and minis from the past


To live without my minis
Would be impossible to do.
In this world of troubles,
My minis pull me through.


Grenadier was my first love
But it won't be the last.
Minis of the future
And minis of the past
And minis of the past
And minis of the past.

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A few more years pass without painting, around 92 or 93 I started picking up a lot of these Grenadier figures by Julie Guthrie, and similar Ral Partha females.  





I have boxes and boxes of these. Still painting with good old Testor's oils. 



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Ok, so here we go. The picture that should give anyone hope.


This lizardman was painted with my first acrylic miniature paints from Ral Partha. Going from Testor's enamels to those was a big change.

Hence, why he looks like complete crap. I had Heroes for wargames, and learned just about everything I knew at the time this was painted from that book.


The time was 1989.


I was still figuring out dry brushing.




And just for comparison, what I was working on earlier today, which is still WIP and even now looks a zillion times better than that cursed lizardman:





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