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Hobby Report - First and Best (so far)! [Group/Open]


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Even though I wasn't painting in the 70s/80s, the local hobby shop stocked Grenadier minis AND Polly S paints (it was a regional brand), so the kids I knew who did paint were using acrylics. Some poor painters were using acrylics, but the guys I gamed with were decent painters (for the time).

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My first painted miniatures were from the 40k starter box circa 2002, though I forget which edition it was...3rd or 4th IIRC (Space Marines and Dark Eldar).  All of my 40k minis were painted with Apple Barrel acrylics.


I put the pics in spoiler tags to keep the overall post from being so large


Space Marine Captain







Space Marine w/ Flamer







Assault Space Marine







Dark Eldar Wyches








Dark Eldar Archon







Dark Eldar Haemonculi (I think?)







These are my first attempt at Reaper figures, CAV related of course. Again also Apple Barrel Paints.  Circa 2005


Dana Murphy







CAV Wraith and Dictator 60








Apparently I have too many pictures, so have to split my incoherent rambling

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Fast forward about four or five years and I had transitioned to Reaper paints, decent brushes, and had a few classes and plenty of practice. I stripped and repainted Dana.







Got better at painting CAV models










Tried my hand at a Christmas Sophie








Branched out into figures from different lines











But to date, the one that I think I really did my best and am most proud of is one that I worked on and off again for over a year, my Biker Chick Sophie. She's a kitbash from one of the RCon Sophies ('07 or '08 IIRC) and a motorcycle from some line that had biker werewolves (can't remember what it's called at the moment).










I haven't been painting regularly for a long time (like since 2011), I have done a few decent pieces in that time, maybe even as good as this one, but they haven't had the same attachment. Now I count myself lucky if I finish a piece a year, and those are done to the exacting standard of "completely covered in paint."

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Lots of inspiring awesomeness in this thread.


Let's go back in time shall we, my first mini before I knew to remove mold lines or even prime, oh and everything was sprayed in gloss sealer only. BTW she is still proudly displayed in my mini display case for all to see when they come over to game.



Now for my recent-ish favorite. Dark Sword's Stephanie Law's Euterpe.


And favorite Reaper mini Sleeping Beauty



Although I'm still learning and try to push each mini a little bit (sometimes I luck out and succeed other times I call it a good learning experience.

These Mini's are simply delicious.  I love the mood and feeling surrounding them.

Great work, they tell a story just by looking at them

Fantastic growth.  I love what I am seeing.

Brava !!!

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Oh man, this is fun!  Okay, here are some of mine:  

Just to clarify what you're looking at down below, these are plastic Battletech minis from the old core and City Tech boxed sets.  I used, I kid you not, glossy Testors model paints.  You do not see highlighting on these models; you see light reflecting off a glossy surface. 




And what have we learned since then?  Well, here is my 40k Ork Warboss - I don't have it anymore since I got out of 40k and sold off all my stuff, but while I had it, it looked like this:  




My internet is absolutely dogged out right now, so it's taking me forever to find good pics, but I think this before-and-after exemplifies what I can do now and how I started out! 

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