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Hobby Report - First and Best (so far)! [Group/Open]


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 I used, I kid you not, glossy Testors model paints.  You do not see highlighting on these models; you see light reflecting off a glossy surface. 


 I'm pretty sure that most of us who started back in the '70's and '80's started off using the enamels we had already acquired for our plastic vehicle models...


I used Testors enamels (mostly flat, but gloss for anything that was supposed to be shiny or wet) AND the old Testors white brushes, lol.

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You Young Folk certainly do improve quickly.

This is a WONDERFULLY inspired & inspiring thread. You're not quite the barbarian you profess to be, ub3r.


The first miniature I painted was in the late Winter/ early Spring of '63. He has long since gone to wherever Steadfast Tin Soldiers go. SO no beginnings to show & my current piece isn't done







...or a miniature per say; ergo, the spoiler.

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I'm hoping that more folks will contribute to the display of "I started here, and here I am now".

We all have taken so many trails to get to our respective levels.

I think that these pages are a great inspiration, and a NEWBIE should be directed here to begin

his journey, knowing this is where he can be by simply painting his favorite miniatures !

If you haven't posted, please do, you are making all of us feel proud, and delighted in your progress !

Sorry for the double post but as I was going back through the tread looking at everyone's amazing progress, I came across this gem from Jay the good and wise. QFT my friend

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Nobody else wants to show????????

I have some time off due to my newest acquisition;



I'll be dedicating some of that time to photographing my oldest purge of '04 surviving mini (mostly by accident, not because I liked it or anything), plus all the stuff I knocked out in the past couple months trying to get as much hobby time in as possible before everything changes...


Anyway. I'll have stuff to post here soon...

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