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Hobby Report - First and Best (so far)! [Group/Open]


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Here's my first, painted with Testor's enamels, alongside another early example after I switched to Reaper Pro Paints and developed some brush control:




I don't have great pictures of any recent fantasy minis, but here's the CAV I'm happiest with, not least because it was my own kitbashed design which made it into one of the CAV publications:



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Fantastic submissions.  Look at how fantastic all of you have become !

I find it inspirational to see all of your progress !!!

Makes me smile to see the roads we have taken, and everyone is so different in our conception of our painted mini's.

Look at the diversity !  Color, and the character's we have chosen to paint !!!!

Its so much fun to see the myriad of choices, colors and approaches.

You all show such magnificent variation, and individuality in your work.

Keep them coming along, You are proving yourselves magnificent visionaries.

Love what I am seeing !!!

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What the heck, I'll play too. The first mini is the first thing I painted after picking up a L2PK when it sunk in that I'd have to paint all the minis in my Bones kit myself and I had no idea what I was doing. The second one is my current character in a friend's Dark Sun campaign. I know the shadows look way too light, but the lights really washed out the shadows and lining. Everything black is supposed to be obsidian. Next time, I'll work more blue in there.

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I guess I'll play. Some years ago, I gave away a box of early miniatures to a starting painter for stuff to practice on. The remnant was returned to me yesterday, and included a couple of my original D&D figures. This fellow was in the box, and is a Ral Partha ES-6 Patriarch from my original D&D collection, so probably painted with Humbrol or other enamels around 1976, using brushes that had no points...




Here is another copy of the same figure, as painted last year when I started a fantasy revival project:






I may still be a tabletop painter, but my standard has been brought up a bit...

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