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Shaman of the Poisoned Pool

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(reaper bones #77269)


I thought I'd show off my Frog Shaman before I continued him much further.

When I saw him in the box, I immediately thought I wanted to do a poison-dart style, so I set out to do it.  

I kinda' invented my own dart-species for him... but I think it'll work out well.


Obviously, it'll look better as it comes along (when I do his teeth and eyes especially), but for now I just thought I'd show off his skin as it comes along.


Next step:  Eyes (probably going to be an obnoxious yellow-green).

After that:  Making his skin and eyes a HIGH gloss to make him look "wet".

Then.... I can start to work on his clothes and accessories (and teeth).



Note:  I did his skin by coloring him with many obnoxious colors (faded to the best of my ability from one to the other), and then after that dried - I went over it with a thick black where needed to put in his "pattern".

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He's done!  :D


Note:  Why do all my photos have so much yellow..?  Do I need to use a different light when taking pictures or something?

(his helmet and the sand are actually a light creamy "bone" color)

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are you taking them under fluorescent lights?  or CF bulbs?   It is probably related to your light source if it is artificial.  If you can find "daylight" bulbs that would help but they should be the only light source active at the time of picture taking. 

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