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Reality Tokens & Collectible Treasure Box


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About this project

Hi, I'm Brain, the creator of 'Reality Tokens'. Since my childhood, I've been a devoted game lover and felt there was room for more realistic tokens in any games. I love the feeling of winning a board game that really pushes boundaries by having more realistic rewards or tokens, especially because they are heavier, clearer, more charming and more eye catching sparkle. So after the idea was conceived, I consulted some friends of mine who are experts in lighting design and by drawing upon my current work experience in building industry. As a result, “Reality Tokens†was created by a process of sophisticate moulding and polishing Borosilicate glass into shapes of Diamond, Emerald, and Marquise.

A big thanks to all who have contributed to the creations of “Reality Tokensâ€. It has been an amazing ride from concept to creation. “Reality Tokens†have received a vast amount of feedback in terms of what kind of material should be used to make those tokens and what's the adequate size of Tokens that would make the players feel comfortable but not burdensome to carry it around. In addition, The amount of support for “Reality Tokens†have absolutely been the greatest strength that carried me all the way from the conception of a vague idea to the completion of this dream project. Last of all, I hope you enjoy using “Reality Tokens and Treasure Box†as much as I enjoyed playing with it!

All the best,


Product Introduction:

“Reality Tokens†are made from high quality Borosilicate glass. Originally, they are used for high end chandeliers. As they are heavier than normal glass, and more resistant to tear and wear, and what makes them more exciting is that they are clearer, more charming and more eye catching sparkle than any other materials that I have come across. That's why I thought they would be the perfect option for making Reality Tokens. My designer and I quickly fell in love with them after the first sight. Here is what we have come up with:



Product Specifications

1. Realistic Tokens â€“ Borosilicate Diamonds (10mm; 3 different colour options – blue, green and pink clear) 30 pieces per pack.






2. Realistic Tokens â€“ Borosilicate Emerald (10mm; 3 different color options – blue, green and pink clear) 30 pieces per pack.






3. Realistic Tokens â€“ Borosilicate Marquise (12mm x 6mm; 3 different color options – blue, green and pink clear) 30 pieces per pack.






Collectible Metal Ancient Treasure Box (190mm x 120mm x 140mm exterior hinged box decorated with ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs and sparkling crystals; interior of box has dark blue satin over a compartmentalized space so they won't move; an additional latch to keep your treasures secure).







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